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Posted 01 July 2011 - 03:43 PM

Mimi stalked through the halls of the Teobon mansion, the hard soled boots she wore making merely a whisper of a sound on the plush carpets. The silver bells on the ends of her twin dark braids jingled merrily in direct opposition to her mood. She was more than a little annoyed at the Yellow party that was staying in another wing. She and Regalia had come to Cairhein to search for darkfriends that were killing Yellow Eyes and Ears; supposedly the Yellows had too. It had been two weeks and still no Yellow had found anything. In fact, Miahna doubted that the majority of them had even left their rooms.

She and Regalia, on the other hand, had uncovered some excellent information and were working closer and closer to the killer. It won't be long now, she thought to herself, though it could have been soon had any of the Yellows decided to participate. Only the young one and Seheria seem to be doing anything, and it doesn't appear that they have been doing much. No matter that Miahna had more experience, one would think that the Ajah would care about its Eyes and Ears being murdered. Innocent people were dying, and there was the added negative that their network was obviously compromised.

The hallway remained bare as she walked toward the door – no real surprise that. Stepping out into the early morning, the Blue was surprised to see Yellow clothing in front of her. The Yellow dress of Seheria to be exact. She seemed to be pulling the weight of the entire party, with occasional help from the young one – Chris? Though it had been a few days since Miahna had seen her around. Walking briskly down the steps she stood next to the Yellow. She was taller than average for a woman affording her a certain aura of power when she chose to use it. Not that she had needed it in this group, apparently being the only one who could do her job. The other women had looked askance at her every time she'd caught them in the sitting room. Regalia was always part of that party, but she was best at observing anyhow. Besides, she'd spent hours pouring over snippets of information with Mimi.

As Seheria informed her that they had found the killer, the Arafellin nodded. She'd been about to apprehend the very man herself. She started walking toward the stables only to pause when the Yellow requested that the Yellows be the ones to capture him. Mulling it over quickly, Mimi nodded. Though it was enabling their behavior, perhaps it would cause them to realize how serious this was when confronting the murderous fiend. She nodded toward the other woman and then kept moving toward the stables.

She rounded the corner and spied Grisham. He was saddling her stallion, his already standing off to the side. He must have sensed her anticipation and perhaps a bit of wanderlust. She smiled a small smile and pivoted on her heel. She needed to tell Regalia that she was leaving and committing the rest of the mission in her capable hands. As she walked back up the steps, Miahna pondered where to go next. I think perhaps Arafel is in order. It has been a few years since I've been home and my informant in Timal had seemed anxious for assistance. Her mood suddenly picked up and she started whistling a jaunty little tune.

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Posted 01 July 2011 - 10:32 PM

Grisham finished his daily morning exercises as he always did when time and opportunity permitted. Working the sword forms was a must for newly made warder and those more experienced as well. One must possess a sound body and mind in order to function through the rigors of long grueling days. Keeping his sword skills sharp was a matter of life and death, for him as well as his Aes Sedai. He was Miahna's sword and protector among other things. A daunting task as far as he was concerned for as far as he could tell she was apt to through herself into the eye of the storm without regard for her safety. Despite being bonded he knew very little of her, it was something he would have to remedy in the days to come.

The sun was just creeping over the horizon casting shadows over the courtyard as the Teobon Mansion began to come alive. It started as a slow trickle evolving into dozens of people in livery bustling this way and that. Women carrying baskets full of things such as bread, fruit, or laundry crossed paths with groundskeepers and other servants as they went about their duties. Some gave curt nods while others greeted their companions cheerfully. His stomach rumbled as he caught the scent of fresh baked bread. His mother had always said he could smell food from a mile away. The thought made him chuckle for a moment then he began to wonder how she was. He had not seen or heard from her in over five years. He quickly let the thought vanish as a girl in Teobon livery uttered a hasty apology for nearly running him down with a basket full of laundry. She was a pretty little thing, short and slight of body. Had she actually run into him then he would have been the one apologizing for she would have bounced off his bulk and gone sprawling, laundry and all.

Grish's thick curly hair and light brown tunic were damp from the effort of flowing from form to form for over an hour. The benefits of the bonding allowed him greater endurance so that he could do so with little rest. He wiped the sweat from his brow with a sleeve as he made his way to the kitchens to break his fast. The cook gave him a welcoming smile as he laid a steaming hot plate on the table in front of Grisham. The food disappeared quickly as he dug into the heaping mound on the plate. His appetite was as hardy as ever though he could go longer before needing to eat again. It was another blessed gift of being bonded. He had been aware of few from speaking to other warders though some were a total surprise.

Hours later he was cleaned up and his belongings packed. He knew it was past time to leave, he could sense it like the coming of a storm as he cinched the girth of Miahna Sedai's saddle. Like dark ominous clouds filling the sky threatening to pour rain down on you while lightening flashes and thunder booms all around you. Her stallion tossed it head back and whinnied softly as the strap tightened. He probably sensed it too. Some animals were very keen to their surroundings and the mood of those around them. Grisham rose and stroked the stallion's nose which helped to soothe him. He was a well trained and durable mount.

A smile formed on his face as he felt Miahna Sedai approach, but just as quickly she was gone. He had not seen her though he knew she had been there moments ago, he point right to the spot. That and Grish had that feeling as though he was being watched. Moments later what he felt through the bond seemed like amusement.

Within the hour they were on their way. Grisham continued scanning, once they traveled far enough from the city's walls to ensure they were not being followed or spied on, she began to speak of her plans.

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Posted 05 July 2011 - 05:58 AM

Ooc: lol, don't know why I put this on the WT board. I suppose we can write on here while we're traveling and then perhaps we should move it to the 'North' board. Also, I put this in here because I planned on having her informant mention something about her sister and I figured Sieve should know a little bit about what's going on. Furthermore, this way he can also understand that she tries to find humor wherever she can because her life is pretty grim otherwise *g*.


The feeling of ants crawling under her skin faded away as she and Grisham left Cairhein behind. Traveling on the road always seemed to soothe her as if covering a wound with a poultice. Of course Healing would be better, but saying that somehow didn't have the same effect. As they plodded along, Mimi gazed at the countryside, enjoying the lush greenery that surrounded them. This kind of plantlife would taper off as they reached the Borderlands, soft green grasses growing harder, more brittle. It was a tough place to exist and an even tougher place to survive, but it was home. No matter the drive for travel, no matter her time in the White Tower, Arafel was home. Granddaughters and great grandsons of the people in her village remembered her, perhaps even revered her. She was welcome as if she were part of the family, something for which Miahna was always grateful. Family was something was severely lacking.

Discussion of her family was still a touchy subject, even after all these years. No matter that she was bringing it up to herself, it was difficult to do. Cocking her head at Grisham, Miahna wondered if she should share that part of her past with him. After all, she was sharing her head with the man now. Neither of them knew much about each other – it was a work in progress. The Bonding had been almost spontaneous. She'd realized that the time had come for another Warder and he'd been there. He was even someone she'd met before, a few years earlier she'd stood in for him upon making Tower Guard.

Long ago, an elder Blue had instructed Mimi that she should take an …unseasoned man for a Warder. Weapons training was essential, of course, but the woman had suggested that a Tower trained man, strictly bred to be a Warder, was not the kind of Warder a Blue should have. A Blue's Warder needed to be attuned to HIS Aes Sedai, not just any. That she needed someone who could fight if she needed it but also someone who thought like a Blue. Better to get someone fresh, the Sister had told her, that you may shape and mold him to look at the world as you do.

Mimi had scoffed of course, choosing to Bond a Warder from the Barracks for her first. Malachi had been strong and beautiful. And cocky. Light how she'd loved the man despite and perhaps because of his faults. He'd reminded her of someone Kagan could have turned into. It had taken her years to get over his death, mostly because she'd refused to talk or think about it. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills she thought. Even now it ...rankled to think about his death but she could do it. She'd prefer to discuss Malachi than the murders of her siblings. Than Tessa.

Even so, the next time she'd considered a Bond, that Sister's words had echoed through her memory and she'd followed them. She needed a Warder that would think first before jumping into danger because, honestly, she rarely thought about it first. She needed someone who considered her first and the darkfriends second, because she couldn't do that either. Malachi had excelled at fighting, had been intelligent, had been wonderful, but he'd been as committed to the cause as she and that was where he'd failed. Mimi had thought she needed a companion, a guard, that was just like her – willing to risk anything to kill the darkfriends. It wasn't until she actually took the time to reflect on his death that someone just like her would only serve to get her killed in the long run. She needed a cautious Warder because cautious she'd never be.

“Grisham,” she said crisply. Shaking her head slightly, Miahna relaxed from the tone of command that she seemed to carry around, and started again. “Grisham. Since we're heading toward Arafel, the place of my birth, I suppose I need to tell you a few things. About me, about my family, about the house in Arafel.” And that's how it started. As the horses prodded along, she explained to her new Warder about her life before the Tower, mentioning the Trolloc raid that killed her youngest sister, about her father's alcoholism and her mother's depression. She discussed raising her siblings, her father trying to kill her, about the Aes Sedai, and finally, about Tessa. How her youngest surviving sister had grown up to slaughter the rest of their family. How she had made a deal with the Dark One to do his bidding until she could finish what she started and kill Miahna too.

“I felt like you should know because, for one, you share my head now. Two, just in case Timal's insistence has to do with Tessa.” She turned her face forward again, mulling over the story. It made quite a gruesome story. And that was before she'd made the shawl. She smiled, letting the warmth travel into her voice as she did so, “I suppose I should have let you know what you were getting into. Nevertheless, you're stuck with me now.”

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