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Sleepless in the Dreamworld

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Posted 04 August 2011 - 08:03 PM

Nephuria looked to the girl who spoke, she would attempt to fill them with pride. "Do not be downhearted. I am perhaps the most powerful Dream Bender among us, there is not shame in losing yourself to one of my creations so soon in training. Truth to tell I may have toh to you both for making it such a difficulty."

The older woman sighed, looking at the girls as young women who'd soon be her equal. "If you feel I have toh let me know, and we shall deal with it in a private manner. To answer your question, yes there are ways to tell, it becomes easier the longer you do it. Simple wrongness in nightmares is usually an obvious sign; off colored skied, an ill feeling. You will be able to recognize and deny these nightmares off handedly one day, but first you must learn the foundation of it."

"Once one recognizes something as a nightmare; they must take control of the dream, impose their will upon it to return it to the way things 'should' be. As with all things practice makes it easier. But do not take the nightmares lightly, they have claimed their share of lives. Some can mirror our world very closely."

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 08:07 AM

As the Dream faded around her and Adai was transported back to the waste she filled with guilt and anger so strong she almost couldn't hold it in. The shame of getting caught up in the nightmare was enough to make it impossible to meet the Wise Ones eyes. She sat in silence, unsure of how to proceed. The Wise One claimed the Toh was hers for throwing the girls in over their heads, but Adai knew it was not so. She had been told what needed to be done and she had failed to do it. Perhaps they had toh to each other. The Wise One said it would be dealt with after the lesson so Adai would not speak of it now. But what could she speak of? She had no questions on what they had learned that Rixan had not received an answer for. She soaked up the information the Wise One gave, and built herself back up again, ready to learn more.

"This place has much more to teach Wise One, and I clearly have much more to learn. If you permit me to continue I will do better when you deem me ready for the next lesson." It was all Adai could think to say, and she hoped it would be enough to continue her lessons. This dream had almost defeated her, but she would learn to control it yet.

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 07:38 PM

"Time is only relative to the person; it means nothing more than many years in the sand. If you're lucky, you find the wisdom in it too. That is if you are lucky." She spoke to them both as equals, not at all as a leader or teacher for the moment. She preferred classes taught her way.

She would hoist Adai into the air, holding her skirts in place. "I feel no better for it, do you?" the question wasn't intended to be answered as the answer should be obvious. The girl was suddenly standing normally as if she'd never moved.

"For this night you have both done well, it is time you find some real sleep. We continue tomorrow night" She waited on each girl then found sleep herself.

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 07:45 PM

Ooc: Sorry it's so short! I ran out of time and gotta get myself to bed - but I wanted to give you something. I'm sorry for the extra day - my sprinkler system broke last night and flooded our front lawn! I had to deal with that last night and most of today :/.

Rixan felt some pride return as Nephuria spoke, but some shame lingered. It would take time for the feeling to go away – it's inky tentacles could burrow deep and hold on tight. She nodded at the instruction to get some sleep and slipped from the Dream into herself. Consciousness only lasted for a minute before darkness took her. It felt sweet, like an old friend. Her last thought of how she must do better the following night.

The next day felt like a blur – exhausting and busy. Though she was sleep deprived, Rixan did not feel tired until she was sitting once again on the soft cushions in the Wise One's tent. She had cleaned herself off this time, leaving the dust in a sweat tent instead of on Nephuria's cushions. The dust had been earned, however, as the apprentice had spent the day doing every task that her greatmother could think of, and then more. She'd only glimpsed the top of Adai's head during her chores – the other girl seemed just as busy.

Now, though, her eyes felt grainy and her mind sliding toward that sluggishness. She pinched herself on the thigh, feeling a tiny spike of adrenaline. On her side, Adai did the same. The Wise One had her back to them, doing something. Rixan looked over at the other girl, relieved to see that she looked just as tired. We can do this, she mouthed, hoping Adai understood.