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Declare Your Predictions - Read First Post First.

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#1 Luckers


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Posted 07 August 2010 - 09:53 PM

Ok this isn't for debating--there is already a thread for debating predictions. This is just so we can each state our predictions for ToM. That way when ToM comes out we can revisit this thread and laugh ourselves silly.

So, just make one post--if you think of new ideas modify that post. Keep them simple--just a vague description. Full debate belongs in the debate thread. This is just you stating it.

Here are mine.

1. The Unseen Eyes are the BUT, and are Perrin's unseen foe. (And, though I'm less certain on this, are the evil the Mordeth encountered which twisted him and gave him his powers). In dealing with this Perrin will come to be at peace with his wolfy nature.

2. Graendal lives!!! She will go after Elayne and things will look very dire for her.

3. Things will go very bad for the Seanchan in this book. The sul'dam secret will come out, Trollocs might wipe out Amador or Ebou Dar, perhaps the Wise Ones or Aes Sedai will stage a damane break out, or a new Emperor/Empress will have set themselves up in Seanchan. Dunno, I just know things have to go really south, really fast.

4. Demandred will be revealed. I don't know why I think this. I remember discussing it approaching tGS and saying he wouldn't then, but suddenly I'm certain now. ToM's the book. He'll also be revealed not to be hiding as anyone, but rather he'll have his fingers in a number of plots--and the rule he's secured will be the Trollocs, and he will have secured control over them from further incursions like the Fake Sammael.

5. Moghedian is the Shiny Dragon Man that Mesema saw. Annoura and Masuri will be Black Ajah. Rhianna and Berylla will be near Perrin. Dealing with this will get Perrin over his leadership problems (this plot may mix with point number 8.)

6. Taim will be outed as a darkfriend by Pevara (or accidentally reveal himself to her) and she will set out to take him down (though this won't be resolved in this book). I also believe this will destroy the Black Tower (the Farm, not the institution--again though that part won't be till aMoL).

7. Zaida will be revealed as a darkfriend, and possibly taken down by Harine (the latter could be in aMoL). At the very least will be the reveal.

8. The Aes Sedai with the borderlanders are Black Ajah, and will be the ones who hurt Rand. Tenobia and Bashere will die during this--possibly all the Borderlander rulers will. Perrin and Faile will save Rand, and take charge of the surviving borderlander armies (and yes, I think all of this will happen in ToM, though not until toward the very end).

9. Aviendha will discover something important in Rhuidean. Dunno what--my favourite idea is she figures how to control the collumns to show her specific things from the past, and uses this to learn exactly how the sealing was done in order to help Rand--but she will discover something significant.

10. And the Crazy One--Mesaana turns out to be good.  ;D ;D ;D

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#2 Ryasis

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Posted 07 August 2010 - 10:34 PM

Here are my crazy predictions for ToM.

1. Noal is not the person Moriaine was talking about in the vision with the three people.  I think Noal will reveal himself as being a darkfriend as soon as the tower is opened.  They will deal with Noal, and it is hear that he will loose and eye from Noal.  The third person I am predicting is the boy Mat has with him.  I cannot rmeeber his name of the top of my head.  Who better to have with you then an experience snakes and foxes player.  One of the main reasons is that she said there will be three people, the third I do not recoginze.  She did not say boy on purpose because she knew Mat would not take a boy to such a dangerous place.  And it will be revealed here in the tower the true idedntity of the boy.

2.Mesaana will be reviled as the current Keeper of the Chronicles.  As we have seen in the past, a lot of black ajah are usually high ranking in the tower, and since we have seen two keeper of the chronicles have been black ajah, as well as the mistress of novices.  What better place for the forsaken then as the Amyrlin Seat. Especially since Silviana was not really mentioned till later on in the books.

3. Demandred - One of my favorite forsaken.  I personally think he is hiding as someone very close to Rand.  I would love to say he is Logain or Mazrim, but alas I know he is not.  but he will be reviled this book.

4.  This one has been keeping me up.  We will find out who killed Asmodean.  I am dying to find out who did this.  Personally I think it was a Sammael.  I think(all just a wild hunch that I would like to see played out) that Sammael switched with asmodean, and used asmodean as a pupet with mind control while he fought Rand.  Since we have seen later refferences that someone is doing things that Sammael normally does even after his death.

5.  When they say Towers they are refering too two.  The other one is Rand will battle the black towernad get Mazrim Taim exposed.

These are just wild speculation but I think they could not be ruled out later on.


#3 Ryasis

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Posted 07 August 2010 - 10:41 PM

Ohhh I forgot one.  Nothing really to major.

Nynaeave gets Lan's Bond and is able to do something for his mind.

#4 clu7ch


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Posted 07 August 2010 - 11:27 PM

Egwene is going to die, I will be upset.

#5 Loophole

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Posted 07 August 2010 - 11:43 PM

1. Foursome
2. Noal will be reveal himself as far-strider after a moment of awesomeness that frees him from past compulsion and madness and mat won't believe him.
3. Perrin will finally get his act together and will discover what the unseen eyes are.
4. I think something bad will happen to hopper

#6 Fains nose

Fains nose
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Posted 08 August 2010 - 12:30 AM

1. Slayer has been killing off Heroes of the Horn in TAR

2. Egwene will capture Tuon and leash her on the a'dam, Mat will come to rescue her, then Egwene will find out Mat  is married to Tuon, Mat will fight and defeat Gawyn, Tuon will be released, then she will release all damane.

3. Moiraine has been stilled and will choose not to be healed when she is brought back

4. Bashere is being blackmailed by the shadow to give information on Rand

5. Taim killed Asmodean

6. Taim was working closely with Sammael until Taim betrayed him at Shadar Logoth. Taim is now working for Ishamael.

7. we will see the Sharans on screen. Demandred is not connected with them

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#7 TheDecline01

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 01:00 AM

I reply without reading any of the other posts before, I don't want my thoughts to be corrupted (well, they've already been by Luckers' first point...) :

1) Moiraine's back (obvious), but severed. She'll be Healed by an Asha'man, reluctantly, and they'll discover that men can Heal women to full strength and vice-versa.

2) Matt in some way will play a major role in elaborating a truce between Seanchan and Randland, maybe just in time for Tarmon Gai'don or it will be strongly foreshadowed to happen during AMoL.

3) Perrin will finally discover Slayer's true identity and probably kill him, perhaps discovering what Slayer has been up to in doing so. He will also finally be bull and not Young Bull anymore, thus, having the ability to lead all the wolves into the Last Hunt.

4) He must also do something with Elyas, they HAVE TO realize something about the whole talking to the wolves thing.

5) Egwene will fully advance to reuniting the White Tower, kicking Mesaana out of it, either by killing her after revealing her or making her run away because of the net holding her tighter and tighter. Besides, their MIGHT be talks with the Black Tower, hence the Amyrlin's anger.

6) The White Tower will be full of novices too, new Aes Sedai will be raised, and mayhap the newly raised ones but not Oath rod binded will have to bind, and, why not, go through the test, and subsequently have some foreshadowing/hints of the Last Battle.

7) Elayne will have Rand's babies early, he will be aware of that and he's "good" side will be reinforced. Hope shall rise in his heart.

8)  Seeing Morgase, Galad will know Rand didn't kill her, he will also begin to channel. Galad being able to channel, the White cloaks are on the verge of total chaos, some decide to follow him, but the residue turn to darkfriendship.

9) Hopefully, some Aes Sedai will Travel to the White Tower to tell Gawyn that his mother's alive. He's then dumped by Egwene and walks to the Shadow.

10) Taim declares himself as a darkfriend by launching the first assault on Rand. The Black Tower is rent in blood when Logain comes to the rescue with Callandor and Aes Sedais, that later walk the Black Tower. This ignites talks of a reunion in a Greater Tar Valon. I don't think Taim will be killed though.

11) A massive army is also send to Rand afterwards, under the protection of dreadlords to prevent Alganor's (can't remember the name) Castle slaughter, Rand has his back against the wall, and Perrin finally fulfills the second save with his wolves.

12) Everyone thinks Tarmon Gai'don is on, so troops are moved northward to the Blight, where Lan has been gathering thousands ready to follow the malkieiri banner, most likely at Tarwin's Gap. Randland is vulnerable.

13) Actually, something else happen, the Dark One begins to unveil parts of its real plan that is more power/spirit-based => the BUT in TA'R and the unseen eyes. Moridin or Shaidar Haran talks to Rand there.

14) At the end, Rand dies... but lives as a hero. Mat will be ready to blow something then. Blood still not spilled.

15) We will see what Verin did before dying. Probably placing orders to hold ready for the real battle. And that will prove useful because the majority of the armies will be North, in the Dark One's trap.

16) Graendal's not dead and she's back to Shayol Ghul.

And I shall end there, there's enough to be ashamed of.

Edit: There will be something with Fain, but I can't figure out anything smart.

Edit 2: I will add something, the hand of the Dark One on Alviarin. It must be useful at some point, I think we will see it in Towers of Midnight. That'll explain some actions or she'll use it to unleash something at Egwene.

#8 Mandro

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 01:24 AM

1:) Rand Will kneel before the Crystal thrown, but only because he recognizes it as a domination chair (which I can't recall being mentioned in the books, but is mentioned in the audiobooks) and will be halted by Matt, and so Rand and Matt will come to an agreement, and forge an alliance, despite Fortuona's self serving opinions of her hawkwing legacy.

2:) Ghealdan and berelain will join the seanchan, cementing the south and the east, abandoning Perrin, with his own allowance, once the agreement between Rand and Fortuona are made.

3:) "The Three Become One" is actually Saidin, Saidar, and "The True Power" acting all together to combine and destroy the darkone, and creating a NEW channel of force.  Example the Creator is all, and the light is all, so it requires all of the powers to combine to touch the creator.  I really believe that the "three become one" prophecy is based on that.

The reason Calandor resonated with the taint isn't because it was flawed, but because it was built to use the "true power" in conjunction with Saidar and Saidin.  The resonance isn't because it needs 2 women (which might be true, because "The dragon" is so powerful with saidin, he needs to women to wield Saidar, and calandor to maximize the use of saidin while also manipulating "The True Power")

4:)Channeling will either be destroyed, or it will be combined into a single power.

Oh, I was drifting timelines sorry.

1/3:)  Perrin will wound luke/isam, and luke will begin to take control, causing a conflict within an opponent (common tool in books)Matt will rescue Moiraine, but then he will bind the ravens, since he will not defer to Fortuona, setting the stage for Rand.  Rand will "negotiate" with all by offering his life, and daring everyone to challenge him so that he do what he must.    (It's what I'd do, Rand KNOWS he will make it to the final battle, so all these pizzant fights are a joke, he's prophesied, Just walk in, things might be unpleasent, but you always know the outcome.)

4:)  Taim dies in ToM  as do his madmen.

5:)  Mins skills expand beyond becoming an academic.

6:)  Egwene becomes more arrogant, which is pretty hard.

7:)  Cadsuane vanishes, or is minimized now that rand can laugh, and is FORCED either by Egwene or Rand to train Alivia everything she knows.

8:) Rand enters the tower, and recognizes all of the common tools of the power that the modern aes-sedei and lectures them on their real purpose.  (9 rods of dominion.  funny that 3 of the known or is it 4? look like rods?)

9:)  Isam/luke killed asmodian, though that doesn't match with the story because of how rare it is for luke or isam to kill an aes sedai, that killing a forsaken might stand in his mind.  But it's my bet that it's Isam/luke on asmodian.

#9 Owayn The Traveller

Owayn The Traveller
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Posted 08 August 2010 - 02:16 AM

1. Berelain turns out to be a darkfriend.

2.Perrin will be dealing with the darkhounds, Fain, Slayer and will be doing stuff in TAR/Wolfdream.

3. Egwene and also maybe Perrin will be up to something with the Tinkers and the Ogier. This could be in last book.

4. Moridin has a breakdown and inadvertley helps the light.

5. Elayne dies. Greandhal plays a part.

6. Egwene fights Mesanna in TAR. Wins.

7. Rand says sorry.

8. Gawayn does something really stupid.

9. One unexpected darkfriend with each of the boys.

10. Noal freaks out in the tower.

11. Olver saves the day.

12. Moraine comes back half Lanfear and half fly.

13. Taim is just  big pompus arrogant idiot. Who has been used by Moridin, playing both sides of the board.

#10 sc0122

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 03:01 AM

1. Demandred's location will be revealed as Tanchico/Tarabon and he'll have been the one controlling "events to the South" as quoted by Samael when speaking to Graendal in Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6, "Threads Woven of Shadow", page 183: He (Sammael) cut in sharply, "You deliver a message to Demandred from me. Tell him I know what he is up to." Events to the south had Demandred's mark all over them. Demandred had always liked using proxies.

2. Verin will be revealed (through her own letters to Mat) as being related to Mat in some way. I'm thinking she's his great great great great aunt (or add more "greats" as needed) and that her father was one of the original Band of the Red Hand who fought with Aemon at the battle where the armies of Manetheren fought the Trollocs at the site now known as Emond's Field. Verin's brother or sister will be revealed as having been Mat's great great great great Grandmother/father.

3. Taim will be revealed as a Dreadlord and will have a confrontation with Logain, resulting in Taim's death and Logain taking over the title of M'Hael. Min has a viewing of Logain as follows: "a flaring halo around his head, radiant in gold and blue. It shouted of glory and power to come." - taken from http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ ... In Lord of Chaos, Chapter 28 "Letters", Page 581, there is a passage describing how Mazrim Taim looks just after he Travels into Rand's apartments in Caemlyn and kills the Gray Man. It says: "Taim strolled in, completely at ease, wearing a black coat with dragons entwined around the sleeves in blue-and-gold." Given that Taim wears that coat, instead of a Dragon pin, as a symbol that he is the M'Hael, and given that Logain and Taim clearly dislike each other, my contention is that Logain will become M'Hael and inherit the coat when he kills Taim, thus the blue and gold.

4. Graendal is revealed as the person who killed Asmodean with balefire.

5. Moiraine and Alivia form a circle with Rand to wield Calandor successfully and thereby both winning the Last Battle and killing Rand/Lews Therin in the process, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul and Alivia helping him to die and also fulfilling the "three become one" prophecy (Rand, Alivia and Moiraine).

#11 Tiinker

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 03:48 AM

1. The book will open with an Aes Sedai being turned to the shadow by 13 Black Ajah and 13 Fades.

2. Perrin will be following the Darkhounds.

3. Aviendha goes to Rhuidean

4. Mesanna is exposed in the Tower and flees. Shayol Ghul masses its armies and the dreadlords return

5. Matt enters the Tower of Ghenji with Thom and Noal leaving Olver outside. Iono what happens here.

6. Perrin encounters Elyas and the two have a nice long chat and become the best of friends.

7. Noal dies and Moiraine is freed.

8. Morgase will be revealed and Gawyn will leave for Camelyn to protect Elayne.

9. Demandred is revealed!

10. Taim plots with the Asha'man

11. Rand makes peace with the Seanchen

12. The Borderlanders come to terms with Rand. Hurin goes off to find Loial.

13. Loial meets something like a Green Man

14. Logain defeats Taim. Black Tower is united under Logain who follows Rand

15. Asmodeans killer is revealed.

#12 Drekka Mort

Drekka Mort
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Posted 08 August 2010 - 04:56 AM

Mat is hunted by Cyndane and the gholam.

Perrin is hunted by Moghedien and Slayer.

Moridin decides its time for Rands big shocker, and reveals that he is Taim. Explains that he was brought back in Taims body, that Bashere almost gave him away but, well, Bashere isnt a problem anymore, in fact hes done some good work since then (Thats a lie, Bashere is not a Darkfriend or even a puppet, Let the Lord of Chaos rule)

Lan holds Tarwins Gap steadfast until reinforcements come.

The Bloodknives left behind by the Seanchan kill most of the Red Ajah in the White Tower, now leaving only those who had pledged to work WITH the Ashaman.

Alviarin, having been marked by Shaidar Haran, is sent to help Moridin manage the Oathbound Aes Sedai who are Compulsion-bonded to the Darkfriend Ashaman. They could send them back to the Tower, work evil works, be Compelled not to reveal certain truths despite the Oaths, and Egwene cant figure out what to do, because whenever she asks them whats happening at the Black Tower they start going blue in the face and choking. If there was any Darkfriend Aes Sedai about to be promoted it would be Alviarin, seeing as she is protected from Shadowspawn.

Demandred reveals that he is in Saldaea taking advantage of Basheres absemce. amd he os with the Borderlander army; the plan is to stop the Light from using its military for what it should; Demandred has tampered with the Borderlanders' heads so they want to make demands of Rand-"Kill Mazrim Taim or we will" and from the other side, MAzridin whispers in Rands ear "They have thirteen Aes Sedai." The Black Tower ends up fighting the Borderlanders, the Borderlanders obviously losing until the Darkfriend Ashaman and the Borderlanders (Black) Aes Sedai Travel away to leave the battle to rage on, leaving the Blights forces to pour out in the Borderlanders absence while they fight, Logain stops the battle and gives a small speech and then ends up in control of the loyal Ashaman and Borderlander armies... Luckily Rand had left Rodel Ituralde where the Blight is, and he keeps the hordes busy until the Legion of the dragon can be sent, after Rand deals with Bashere however he deals with him.

Aran'gar plots to kill Egwene.

Graendal survived Rands balefiring of the palace thing, and goes to Shayol Ghul to report to Moridin but she is instead met by Shaidar. She tells Shaidar she made Rand kill hundreds of innocents but he doesnt know yet, and Shaidar tells her to up her game, that theres this Aes Sedai called Alanna that hes bonded to, that Graendal should hunt her down and mess with Rand through the bond. Graendal thinks to herself she'll just kill Alanna, apparantly a man bonded to an Aes Sedai could go insane from that. Alanna needs to survive though, as noted in Verins note to Mat, which details that Moiraine needs to take the bond to Rand off Alanna. Moiraine might force Alanna to pass that bond, but it will be at the end of the book, and we might get a Rand PoV in the prologue showing that he can sense a difference.

The Unseen Eyes of T'A'R are Heroes of the Horn awaiting to be summoned by Mat. Birgitte finds out Rand has Justice, decides theres something important about it, and asks Elayne if they can go to T'A'R to try and find Artur Hawkwing for something. Maybe they find Janduin instead, maybe they dont.

#13 Shard


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Posted 08 August 2010 - 05:00 AM

Here are my predictions then:

1) Demandred will be revealed as the one that set up the 13 Aes Sedai with the Borderlanders who have gone south. He is attempting the 13 AS/13 Myrdrall. Perrin must save Rand from this fate.

2) Mat will loose an eye to the Finns, Noal will die in the rescue attempt, and there will be something wrong with Moraine.

3) We will see Graendal's POV when Rand attempts to Assassinate her.

4) Dain and Byar will try to kill Perrin when the two groups meet up.

5) There will be a major battle at the Black Tower, Taim is a new Dreadlord and revealed as one converted by the circle of 13/13. Logain will lead the BT.

6) We will find out who killed Asmo in THIS book. (I figure this has to be 50/50 at least, come on Red!)

7) Messanna will die in ToM.

#14 Loony Theory Trolloc

Loony Theory Trolloc
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Posted 08 August 2010 - 06:34 AM

1. Demandred will be revealed, but less awesome than most people think - most of the time he just was chilling - and if he has any plans, they will all fail, no matter what they are about.

2. Mesaana will be caught in Tower and betray Demandred's plans to save her own life - in fact she's a greater coward than Moggy.

3. The BA flees to the Black Tower to unite with the DF Asha'man and promote there some 13x13 action.

4. Finally it will be revealed that Mazrim Taim is... Mazrim Taim. He is also revealed as Moridins proxy and as new dreadlord. There will be some fights around the Black Tower including Pevara and Logain. In the end the good guys win there, but Taim manages to escape - because he is the only really awesome third Age channeler on the side of the shadow ;) and deserves more screentime and an appearance in TG.

5. There will be no great fight in Caemlyn, uneless Caemlyn is covered by 5.:

6. A whole army or a city is obliterated with balefire.

7. Mat, Thom and Noal will enter the ToG and rescue Moiraine. Mat will lose an eye, but no one dies (maybe some of those funky Finns, but one cares about them).

8. Padan Fain will launch an attack on Rand and he will have some awesome tricks - yeah, he'll be more tricky than those tricky Finns ever were.
Slayer, who was still chasing Fain will get involved,
also Perrin who by accident met slayer and followed him, will rescue Rand from the Fain attack.
Whatever, in the aftermath of this epic battle Mat and co will show up. Fain will be able to escape, but is wounded by slayer or Perrin.
Slayer will nearly kill one of the boys, but in some heroic move Noal will kill slayer, but is also deadly injured. While dying he'll reveal that he was used by the shadow, but never a DF and was somehow involved in the creation of slayer. Well, or something like this, involving most of the named people ;).

9. Rand will use Callandor with Moiraine and Nynaeve - the two only Aes Sedai he trusts (I think this will more likely happen in AmoL) - I don't say this fulfills any prophecy.

10. Cairhien will get no new ruler, maybe apart from Elayne - but certainly no one else (like Moiraine, Galad) - apart from many other good reasons just because of the fact that there's no time for that in Randland and no space in the book(s), too.

11. Graendal will be revealed as Asmo's killer and we'll learn, that she's toast.

12. Aran'gar will do something very stupid - (s)he was never on the winning side.

13. Elayne will do something more stupid than Aran'gar that will make everyone roll eyes, scream and whatever.

(14. It's won't be in ToM but nonetheless: In the end Egwene will die as payment for her decisions (she wen't her way on her on will) while Rand will be allowed to live (unrecognized by others and without the ability to use Saidin). She'll die like a real green in battle in TG.)

... and last but not least

15. Gawyn and Valan Luca will meet up and decide to run away to the Land of the Madmen - to perform there with Valan Luca's Grand Traveling Show and to be safe from being part of any theory.

#15 USURP888

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 11:50 AM

-- Rand will fake his death, his aim is to go into shayol ghul unnoticed.
-- He will handover to Mat the command of his entire army. Tuon will do that same, thereby making Mat the overall commander of the forces of light
-- Rand will be accompanied by Alivia and Nynaeve to Shayol Ghul. They will have callandor and they intend to link and battle the Dark Lord that way.
-- Unknown to Rand and Co. Padan Fain manages to track them down and before the fight with the dark lord,  Fain will ambush the three and Rand will die.
-- Nynaeve will then do one of the "impossible things" again and raise Rand from the dead

-- Moiraine once rescued would not be stilled, but would instead have the power that Lanfear once possessed.
-- She would not go directly to Rand but would instead focus on helping Lan in Tarwin's Gap.

-- Slayer and Perrin deathmatch would happen but only after Perrin and Elyas meet

-- Faile dies, just dies.
-- Elayne delivers her babies, then promptly dies, just dies

-- Egwene would figure out a way to flush out Mesaana

-- Demandred would be revealed as Taim's Master. He used Taim to lure the borderlanders away from the blight and corrupt the Ashaman
-- Demandred's new army that he boasted to the Dark Lord is revealed to be the Dreadlords, the darkfriend Ashaman

-- The Aes Sedai will discover that the Oath Rod cuts their life in half and during Tarmon Gai'don, they would be forced to "unbound" themselves from their oaths, so they could make weapons for their armies and fight the dreadlords as needed. This would all lead to the Aes Sedai renouncing the use of the Oath Rod as a binding agent after the Last Battle.

#16 Sentinel78

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 06:32 AM

  • Rand's epiphany on Dragonmount will be what causes Moridin, at long last, to unleash the hordes.  Moridin realizes that he has failed to drag Rand's soul and/or state of mind to his own nihilistic views and will be forced to confront him more directly.  This will occur towards the end of ToM once the other timelines catch up.
  • The weather clears up.  The "twice dawns the day when his blood is shed" and "red on black, the dragon's blood stains the rocks of Shayol Ghul" prophecies imply that the sky will be visible when Rand goes to Shayol Ghul.  So I figure this has to happen before that, albeit that might be in AMoL instead.  If this occurs before the Dark One is dealt with, I'd have to imagine it is a result of Rand's continued Healing process, as the sky above him cleared up when he had his revelation.
  • When the Trollocs are unleashed, southward migration from the Blight is only part of their strategy, as the Ways in the southern countries begin pouring with Trollocs
  • The gholam follows Mat into the Tower of Ghenji
  • Crazy theory - Perrin also follows Mat into the Tower of Ghenji, chasing Slayer in TAR (alluded to in tSR)
  • I agree with Luckers that the Seanchan are going to get seriously mangled in ToM, although they might not show much on-screen.  The Trollocs that attacked Tylee are the only we've seen aside from the 'rogue' attack on Rand in KoD.  That being said, I only see this happening after they obtain an alliance with Rand or Egwene.  Moridin has no incentive to destroy them now when they're frustrating Rand/Egwene.  So this might be AMoL.

#17 Ishmayl

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 07:49 AM

Without Reading Anyone Else's Predictions Yet (DUN!):

1 - Galad and Perrin will "talk out" some of the issues with the Whitecloaks believing Perrin to be a Darkfriend. Morgase will probably have a major hand in helping convince Galad. After this, someone will say something about, "Maybe someone should let Elayne and Gawyn know you're alive? I heard Gawyn kinda went cuckoo, after all."

2 - Moraine and Rand will meet back up, at which point Rand will break down in tears (again?) and the list in his head will evaporate when he realizes that though people have died for him and for the world, their deaths are made meaningless if he allows them to hold him back from doing his duty.

3 - Egwene will "show her anger" to Rand, who will not back down, but will instead say something to the effect of, "I understand why you're angry, we have to work together. Get over yourself. And stop comparing your time in a cramped cell to my time of being bent over myself in a box. Yeah, I heard about that, you uppity bitch." (I wish? Meh, I guess the first part of #3 is reasonable)

4 - Pevara and Co. (possibly with the help of Logain?) will force a successful coup at the Black Tower, ousting and defeating a good chunk of Taim's followers. Taim himself and several others will escape to Shayul Ghul.

5 - Tuon will somehow (accidentally) reveal she can channel, either from stress or being collared, and Seanchan will be shaken to its foundation. Rand offers a truce with the Seanchan to the effect of, "you may keep the Aes Sedai you have collared, but none shall be collared again. Instead, channelers will have a place of honor in your society, being part of the Blood."

6 - Elayne, some Seafolk woman, and especially Egwene will all say something so obnoxiously annoying that I wish they would just die.

7 - Rand will "die" at the very end of the book (possibly in Battle of Caemlyn?), and the book will end on a cliffhanger. AMoL will begin Three Days Later (and all this implies). You heard it here.

I obviously took some liberty with the actual conversations that will be had, but I think that's the general idea of what will happen. Though I haven't read this thread yet, some of these predictions are possibly (and probably) based on things I've heard around this site.  Now I'm going to read the thread.

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 09:18 AM

A few for now:

1.  Rand will die on Sunday at noon.  Various Lightfriends will contribute to his death: Mat, Elayne, Alivia (the medallion chain), Gawyn (mortal wound), and Moiraine (final snuff).
2.  The Seanchan will attack Caemlyn.
3.  Mat will not only lose an eye at Ghenjei, but he'll also get raven tattoos.
4.  Aviendha will be attacked by some Shaido in the Waste (possibly Bendhuin's group) and she will waste them with the Power.
5.  Fain will be revealed as the Shadowspawn-thief.

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 03:30 PM

1. Egwene will discover that Mesaana is posing as Danelle, probably because Mesaana tries to do something, and gets caught in the act.

2. Mat, Thom and Noal enters the TOG, and Olver sneaks in behind their backs. Noal dies as a hero, and finds redemption for things he did while controlled by Ishy. Mat sacrifies his eye. Moiraine is slightly nuts from her captivity.
Once they get out, they will head to the White Tower, because of something Verin said in her letter.

3. Galad takes his whitecloaks and starts moving towards Tar Valon, to form the alliance with Egwene Min hinted at in TGH. Berelain comes with them, since she has fallen in love with Galad.

4. Lan arrives in Shienar, and starts planning his campaign. The last we see of him is reaching Tarwins Gap, finding a huge army of trollocs waiting...

5. Ebou Dar is attacked by trollocs. The Seanchan manages to fight them off, but only with great difficulty and huge losses. This together with the suldam-revelation starts pushing Tuon towards realising that not only does she need to get a truce with Rand, she also must work together with Aes Sedai. Of course, she will not move beyond thinking it until Mat reunites with her.

6. We get to see what Demandred has been up to - including building an army in the Blight.  

7. Taim is revealed as a 3rd Age Chosen, and things get ugly.

8. We get to see what Graendal did to follow Moridins order from the TGS prologue. She is revealed as Asmos killer in her own POV.

8. Towards the end, Rand is captured by the 13 Black Ajah with the Borderlanders. And then turned by the 13+13 trick. This will lead up to Alivia helping him die, and Nynaeve figuring out how to get him out from T'A'R, but that will not happen until AMOL.

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Posted 10 August 2010 - 12:12 AM

Demandred is revealed, and by the end of the book is leading the Shadow's army in a massive attack against Randland

The last sentence of the book is "The Dragon Reborn is dead."

We will be shown Lan periodically throughout the book, all leading up to his attack on Tarwin's Gap. The last we'll see of him and his forces will be a hopeless charge into a sea of Trollocs.

Taim and Logain will throw down at the Black Tower, but Taim will escape to fight another day.

Elayne will take a bath.