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Weary Travellers on a Trip to Shienar

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Posted 27 March 2006 - 07:48 AM

Lyv had prepared for this trip for the last two months, she had recently quit her job as Mistress of Trainees and with the help from Borac had found a mission to go on into the Borderlands. It seemed that Tiassale Sedai of the Green Ajah wanted to head down to Shienar and she needed some guards to go with her. Andular, her Warder had spoken to each and every one of them about the importance of this trip and Lyv had a feeling that he somehow saw this as a personal thing. She did not mind, it was good to be on the road again and Tiassale was nothing like the four Brown Sisters she had accompanied into Cairhien two years before. Of course, she had met Anton there and she and Lonrick had learned to trust each other in difficult situations. So, Lyv felt, every trip with Aes Sedai was a bit of a hardship, but there was always that silver lining.

They had been riding the horses for almost two weeks now, making stops every night at road side inns and on a few nights sleeping in small tents they had brought along. Lyv did not mind sleeping outdoors as it was the end of summer and the night would cloud over them like a warm blanket. Just as the days were often filled with long hours of hot burning sunlight, which made it all the more relaxing to have a bit of cool evening breeze before bed. She often took the first watch and as such, enjoyed the sun going down and the moon taking its place on the heavens. This was one of those nights they slept outdoors. Lyv was poking a branch of dead wood into the last of their fire, she would soon be relieved by the next person on watch and then she’d have a few hours of sleep before they would head out again. Tiassale and Andular lead their party and tried to get them moving early on in the morning, so they were well on their way when the sun hit.

She did not mind the short nights, she did not mind the watch duty, all she did mind was the sores on her behind from sitting in the saddle all day long. They could not move slower and as they had no cart with them, nobody had to walk and they kept going on the horses. She was not used to riding anymore, not as much as she had a good five years ago. “Office days have made me stiff and weary,” she muttered to herself as she stirred up the small fire again. A familiar face appeared as the other guard took over from her, Lyv stayed sitting by the fire for a bit. She could head out to her tent and sleep, but she was too sore to lie down and not sleepy enough to fall asleep right away anyway. Preparing some tea for them both, Lyv listened to the quiet of the night and the sounds of her fellow party members sleeping. Nothing had happened so far on their trip and she did not expect much to happen either, they were nowhere near Shienar for at least another week and by then they would have to be careful. Now, there was a need to be cautious, not to attract robbers and bandits, but other than that they could sleep easy.

Lyv Tylin
Master of PoW
Tower Guard

OOC: Feel free to post about the journey so far, first person to post gets to take watch after Lyv. Maybe have a bit of a chat? I left it open for you. :)

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Posted 28 March 2006 - 11:22 AM

Mateo had been asked to make this trip with a few other gaurds and some Aes Sedai. He really had no idea why he was asked to come along but hadn't ventured out of the Tower in months and had decided it was time for an adventure. He'd been at the tower for several years now and hadn't even thought of venturing out. As he walked to where he saw Lyv was sitting to take up his turn at watch she looked as though she was making tea.

Mateo wore baggy breeches and an even baggier shirt. Since he left Tear he'd stripped himself of all their fashion. He could not ever go back there he had noone to return to. He might as well act as though he had never been there before. He scratched his head just where the scar was just above his left eyebrow. It always made him self concious to know it was there. He often wore hooded cloaks to hide it. It was just another reminder of his life before he came to the tower.

He reached the place Lyv was sitting and took a seat next to her. He noticed the pot with the tea in it and smiled. It was always nice to be met with tea and a conversation when you came onto your shift. It made time seem to go by so much quicker.

"Good evening Lyv I hope this night has not been too hard on you." Mateo smiled his warmest smile at her. He was not a flirt and treated everyone the same. After the loss of his love he wished never to love again. He couldn't see how he could love again. He knew his eyes were sad at that moment but he couldn't hide the sorrow that filled his heart and his face.

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Posted 02 April 2006 - 06:45 AM

Poring the boiled water into two cups, Lyv searched her pouch for some dried leaves to use for tea. It was a bit of mint she found and smiling over at Mateo, she handed him a cup. “Just let it sit for a bit before you drink,” she said and looked over the man who had just had some well deserved rest as she had sat awake by the fire. It was a long journey and they had more weeks ahead of journeying, still she had not spoken with Mateo often and was curious about him now. He put the tea next to him and she could tell from the way his eyes shifted that he was scouting his surroundings, this gave some relief to Lyv who’s eyes were getting tired from the dust and lack of sleep. For a few nights now they had been sleeping outside, for some reason the Aes Sedai had asked the they avoid taverns and inns for this part of the journey and her Warder had not given more reason than the Aes Sedai’s request.

Lyv sighed and rubbed her eyes as she picked up the cup and then had a sip. “A beautiful night, thought I’d enjoy it even more through the window of my room in an inn, covered by a blanket, lying on my mattress and maybe even sitting on a chair instead of a rock, or some grass,” she grinned. It was not in her nature to be bothered by her circumstances for too long and she had seen her travel mates were not finding it all too comfortable either. They all to endure a bit of weariness underway, but if you passed good, safe inns on the way you began to wonder what it was the Aes Sedai meant to achieve. “Why did you sign up for this trip, Mateo?” Lyv asked as she thought on her own reasons. The others all knew that she had quit being the Mistress of Trainees a good three months before. The little dramatic episode in Borac’s office had not gone unnoticed and while people did not expect her to be in the staff for long, she was just not the type, she was still glad to be out from under the peering eyes. Away from the Yards for a few months until Ginae had established herself as Mistress of Trainees and Lyv could go on being herself: a Tower Guard who lived by the sword and who did not carry too much responsibility if she could at all avoid it.

The bad reputation was all in her head, Rosheen had assured her that the people rather had someone in the staff who liked her job and did it well, then someone who felt unfit. Rosheen told her also that Ginae would do a great job and that the trainees would soon want Lyv back as she was probably not as strict as their new MoT was. Not strict, not because she did not care, but because she was afraid of doing wrong on those young men and women who needed a guide, along with a strong hand. Listening to Mateo, Lyv let her mind wander back to the camp fire, she should not worry so much about what she left behind. This trip was to find her duty again, to find that she was here to protect the Aes Sedai and the rest of the party, not to wander about past decisions and thing she had no control over. Finishing the cup of tea, Lyv watched as her campmates were asleep. Covered by a blanket, or hidden in a small tent, they were safe as the two of them watched over each and everyone of them.

Lyv Tylin
Tower Guard

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Posted 04 April 2006 - 09:37 AM

The trip was long and tedious, but it was Talyn's first real trip into the real world as a Tower Guard. He felt weird going out into the world to protect those under the Light, but he would get no other chance to go into the Borderlands if he did not. Talyn hadn't found any that were like him, friends of the dark. It was hard being the only one, but Talyn knew his raising would bring solidarity to him. It had back home, except with Taylor of course, but Taylor was too young for Talyn to be readily friends with.

Talyn tried to keep his eagerness in check and hold his tongue, but he was still afraid he'd talk someone's ear off. Talyn hardly slept during the night. He was too excited. His mother and father would have doused him with a good sleeping herb but he wasn't at home anymore and his care was his own.

Lyv had taken first watch and Mateo followed. Talyn wondered if he'd get a turn this night as he laid in his bed roll counting stars. It wouldn't help him fall asleep but at least it was something to do. And he was resting, even if sleep never came.


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Posted 04 April 2006 - 01:53 PM

Liitha closed her eyes and tried to sleep, she had goten to know of this trip through her old mentor. And she had been ment to go back to Tar Valon and start out with the rest from there, well that was till the mare struck luck and threw her. She had spent two days on her back and then had to take it slowly for the next couple days. This luckily had happened early on the trip and she had chosen to cut off from the road and take some short cuts instead, timely catching up with the rest two days outside of Tar Valon.

Turning she tried to find a more comfortable position, the mare was still skitish. She had not managed to throw Liitha again, but she had banged her leg into a tree when they stoped this evening as she jumped from a ratle in the grass. Liitha was sure she would be growing quite the mark over the nite. But at least she thougth she was progresing, and it was just a learning process, the mare had two calm parents, it was just foolishness of a young horse new to the world outside a farm fence.

Giving up Liitha sougth the void to ignore the sting in her leg against the hard ground..soon sleep had her.

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 04:26 AM

Tiassale glanced up from the small volume in her hand and absently accepted the tin cup of tea, nodding her thanks to Andular as he sat beside her. Leaning toward the firelight she sloshed tea across the toes of her boots as she tried to discern the words of the small book. Just as absently Andular reached forward and tipped her cup back, shaking his head in amusement when she barely noticed.

“It is late, Aes Sedai. You should sleep.”

“A moment more, Gaidin.” Setting her cup aside she turned the page and read on. Andular rolled his eyes and plucked the slim volume from her hands, closing it firmly. She gasped and made to take it back but he held it out of reach.

“We rise before dawn and you are not the most pleasant of women if you’ve spent half the night owling over some book.” He turned the tome and read the title, arching an eyebrow. “The Lost Terangreal of the Borderlands?” Chuckling he tucked the book into her saddlebag nearby. “Tales for children at bedtime Tia, and not to be believed.”

A flush rose to her cheeks and she sniffed, “There is truth in all words, Warder. Perhaps if you read more you would understand what I speak of.”

He waved a hand dismissively, “Words are only that, Tia. They cannot cut, nor slice, nor separate your head from your shoulders. The Borderlands hold no secrets for us.”

Miffed she rose, “Perhaps we are not looking deeply enough.” Turning she strode to their tent, firmly lacing the opening from within. And you can sleep beneath the stars tonight.

But he had been right about one thing, she was not the most pleasant of women after spending a night tossing and turning without him.

Tiassale Morobin
Battle Sister
Bonded to Andular Rojvas, Grand Master

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 06:02 AM

Chuckling as Tia opened the tent flap and ushered him outside Andular rose. “You are stubborn Tiassale Sedai.” Grabbing two blankets he slipped through the tent flap but before Tia had time to close it he turned back and kissed her on the lips. “Sleep well Tiassale of the Green Ajah.” Tia gave him an icy stare but he could see the love beneath the Aes Sedai composure and it made him warm inside.

Walking quietly through the camp the Grand Master breathed in the night air deeply. The journey had been long and hard but in truth he cherished every moment of it. A Warder was meant to be out of the tower with his Aes Sedai, and what better place to be going than Shienar. “Home.” He muttered as he walked amongst the tents and bed rolls of sleeping men and women.

It had been years since Andular had been to Shienar, the last time was when he had been bonded to Tia. The memories of that trip brought a smile to his face. Unconsciously he reached behind him and ran a hand along the hilt of the bastard sword that hung on his back. It had been a gift from Tia upon their bonding and he cherished it to this day as one of his most prized possessions. Staring up and the canopy of stars that blanketed the night sky the Warder again questioned whether he should seek his parents and brother out on this trip. It had been more years than he could hardly remember since he had last seen them. Seeing his mother’s kind face and hearing his fathers laugh would be welcome indeed.

Approaching a small fire with two shapes seated around it Andular took a seat and wrapped a blanket around his shoulders. Lyv and Mateo were sharing a cup of tea and he greeted both warmly. “All is quiet I take it?” The two Tower Guards smiled and soon he had a cup of tea in his hand and enjoying the company of his brothers in arms as the journeyed northward.

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 09:53 AM

Mateo sat and watched as she poured the tea. It would be nice to have something hot to drink as his shift started. He hadn’t talked to Lyv in ages. He took the cup she offered him and set it to the side letting it cool down a bit before he drank it. “A beautiful night, though I’d enjoy it even more through the window of my room in an inn, covered by a blanket, lying on my mattress and maybe even sitting on a chair instead of a rock, or some grass.” She said this all with a grin. Mateo agreed with her on that subject, he’d much rather be sitting by the fire in the common room right now reading a good book than to be sitting here keeping watch in the middle of the night. “Why did you sign up for this trip, Mateo?” Mateo thought for a min about his reasons for coming this far away from Tar Valon.

“I’ve been in Tar Valon for too long. It was time for me to get out and find myself and my duty again. Too much of guarding one place is not good for your training. I have let mine slip farther than I should have and I needed this journey in order to do that.” Mateo watched the surrounding area keeping an eye on the camp and making sure nothing moved save the sleeping figures rolling over in their bedrolls. He picked the cup up and began sipping on the hot tea. He loved the mint flavor she had put in it and wondered where she had picked up the mint. It was some of the finest tasting mint he’d ever had.

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 01:53 AM

As Mateo spoke, Andular Rojvas joined their small tea party by the fire, he was bonded to the Aes Sedai who had wanted to head into the Borderlands. Lyv was intrigued by this Warder as he seemed very close to his bondmate, she had not known many warders as they usually kept to themselves or their Aes Sedai, but not on this trip she had a chance to see what it meant to serve and protect one woman. Although, the bond they had was not new and maybe with time they had grown into a relation that was not simply the warder bond but also a joint respect, Lyv watched Andular and offered him a cup of tea, suddenly aware that the Second at Arms was present. They did not use the formal nods and salutes on every occasion since departing, but there was some mannerism that need not be forgotten. Especially not around the man who had dragged her from a jail cell in Tar Valon after she got wrongfully accused of theft.

“Yes, training is indeed something that requires us to get out and experience life in a foreign environment, to be ready for anything,” Lyv said with a nod and her eyes wandered over the fire. They were lucky, these foreign lands offered training, but they also offered a greater chance of attack and death as a result. Lyv had not been in the Borderlands before, but she had read about it and talked to the guards who had been here. Still, she was only now realizing what it meant to actually be here and be always on your guard. Not from schemes or Aes Sedai wanting you to be at their back and call, but from actual raids and attacks that could hurt them enough not to be able to return in one piece. “Andular, is there something Tiassale Sedai would want from us once we reach Shienar? We are quite a large group, do we go there to find a library to haul back to Tar Valon?” her voice was light, but she was truly curious. Not that she expected Andular to speak much of his Sedai’s motives, but who knew what he would let slip. She sipped on her tea and watched him over the fire.