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Don't Let Them Go (Adellan's Intro)

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Posted 21 February 2010 - 08:52 PM

It was late afternoon when Adellan walked up to the Fortress of Light, staring at the forbidding walls in awe for a moment.  This...this is power, he thought to himself.  This is strength.  Suddenly his knees were weak with relief, and tears filled his eyes.

It had been a hard journey, especially to one no longer used to more than mild discomforts.  Adellan recalled his journey with distaste; how could he be so weak?  He knew he would have to toughen up, if he was to fit in with the other Children and be allowed to take on the task he felt called to do.

Adellan glanced down at the scar on his arm, and his hands tightened slowly into fists as his thoughts turned to the whole reason he'd made the journey.  I will find you, Dyllin, he promised silently, and you will not get away this time.  You and every other Darkfriend that soils this land.

The Fortress would give him strength, would turn him into a living weapon for the Light, and everywhere he went, the Shadow would cower in fear.

Adellan shook himself out of his reverie as he realized the day was swiftly drawing near its end, but the grim determination remained painted on his face.

He started forward, with only what he had brought in his saddlebags.  Or at least what was left of it.  His horse was a good one, but not meant for the rigors of a military life, and he'd sold her only that morning, when he'd finally arrived in Amador.  It was time for a fresh start, or fresh enough.  Adellan would never forget the past, would never deny his shortcomings when knowledge of them would lead to strength in the future.

Hurrying now, before it grew too late, Adellan entered the Fortress.  His senses gave evidence of a busy, bustling place, but he could tell the activity was slowing a little with the failing light.  Not much, but a little.

Walking up to a glorious-looking Child, who didn't seem to be in too much of a hurry to stop and give directions, Adellan asked where he might go if he was wanting to join the Children of the Light.  The man looked at Adellan impassively, then told him to seek out the office of the Head Clerk.  A moment longer the Child stood there, then he relented and explained to Adellan how to find it.

Adellan thanked the man fervently, then set off at a quick trot to the Head Clerk's office.  A very short time later, he stood in front of the proper building, taking a deep breath to steel himself as excitement suddenly coursed through him.  Through that door...once I go through there I will be a part of all this, once and for all!

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door and entered.

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 11:52 AM

Roudal smoked his pipe, letting out a long sigh of relief. It has been a long day, buried in papers yet again because his pack of assistants was USELESS. He told them that, of course. A few times a day. They needed to know how incompetent they were. Especially since they seemed to constantly forget and double his work load by having to correct all the mistakes they made with filing.

Most of them were gone by that hour. A good thing by all accounts. That's when Roudal could relax the most - When neither his wife or his assistants were around. Or his daughters. And that irritating twit of a maid that cleaned up their room every other day. She drove him mad at times with her tiny little feet. It was maddening!

He leaned back on his chair, puffing smoke as a young man entered the study. "What do you need, boy?", Roudal asked a bit bluntly. He didn't like anyone interrupting his happy hour.

Head Clerk

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 05:12 AM



 They tell ya, "Never hit a man with a closed fist", but it is, on occasion, hilarious.