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Posted 17 January 2010 - 02:45 PM

The Wheel of Time discussion boards are exactly what you'd expect - Dragonmount's home to obsessive, brilliant, and occasionally insane discussion of all things about the series.  Here, you'll find dissection of characters, story arcs, and theories.  Will there be a body swap?  (Just ask Luckers).  Who killed Asmodean? (Check the Structured Wheel of Time Discussions board)  How's Brandon Sanderson doing at completing Robert Jordan's opus?  Which character has the most interesting love life?  Any topic you can think of . . . there are probably people already discussing it, so jump right in.

Here's a short description of the boards:

General Wheel of Time Discussion

Here you can discuss anything at all to do with WoT. If you can't see it, post a new topic. Please discuss in a polite and respectful manner and have patience... some people may not yet have read all the books and/or be totally new to all the topics. If you hope to avoid spoilers, post your topic with a request 'up to book X only, please'.

Structured Wheel of Time Discussion

 This is a child board to General Wheel of Time Discussion, and, as the name says, the discussion here is more structured. You must read their Do's and Don'ts sticky before posting. New topics are posted by the Moderators only, though you can make suggestions. Please use search function to see if your topic is already there before making your request. Feel free to post your querries/observations... some may not contain any posts as yet.

A Memory of Light Non Spoiler Discussion

The place to talk about the latest volume of WOT. Warning: This board has spoilers, so you might want to wait until you have read the book before browsing.  As the release date for the next book nears, discussion of the current volume will be moved to the General Wheel of Time discussion board, and this board renamed and rededicated to the new release.

The Wheel of Time in Other Media

The 4th Age

This is the place to discuss the 4th Age Podcast (you'll find links for the podcast top right of screen).

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 06:12 AM