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An Urgent Departure

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 07:29 PM

  Burrich maneuvered his way around buildings and people as he ran through the Stedding from the Ranger training grounds to the inn.  As a Guardian he'd been invited to move into the Ranger barracks, but he had an Ogier-size bed at the inn so he'd decided to stay there until he could find or build a place of his own.  As he ran people and wolves alike dodged out of his way, looks of worry and curiosity creasing their faces as they wondered what could send the gentle giant running with such concern on his face.  Many called out to him, but in his haste he didn't even hear them until he was well past.
  He didn't slow down until he had barrelled through the door to the Hole in the Wall and saw Storm Hunter and Snowpaws look up in alarm from their place in the corner by one of the fireplaces.  The beautiful black she-wolf with the white paws lay surrounded by two-day old pups hapily suckling away, while the giant gray male sat a silent guard over his family.  Storm jumped to his feet when he saw Burrich, concern flooding the array of images he sent the man's way.  'Are we attacked Little Brother?'
  Burrich rushed to assure his brother, 'No, no, I'm sorry I upset you so.  You can relax, your mate and her pups are safe, Brother.  We are not under attack.'
  Buurich's words though did nothing to soothe his friend.  'Then tell me what has awakened your anger Mountain's Fury.  I've never seen you like this.'
  Burrich replied as he walked up the stairs to his room.  'I was training with Owen and some others when a message came from the Watchers.  A Wanderer is experiencing an especially difficult Howling.  His village has locked him up and plan to execute him for being a shadowspawn or darkfriend, they aren't even sure which to accuse him of being.  Owen sent me back to exchange practice lathes for my real weapons and gear and to gather food for the journey from the inn.  I should be back soon, don't worry.'
  He took the back stairs from his room to go through the kitchen and store-rooms on the way back to the front door.  When he got there he found Storm waiting patiently and looking as though he planned to go along.  'Storm, thank you, but we both know Snow can't leave the pups yet.  Who will hunt for her if you leave with me?'
  Storm gave him a look that spoke volumes about how silly he thought the question was and then sent, 'We are pestered constantly by both two-legs and four-legs with offers to help care for the little ones.  This is a large pack we're a part of now Mountain, I have no need to worry, Snow and the pups will be well taken care of.  It is our duty to protect the pack, even those who don't yet know they are.'
  Burrich had no argument to offer and he didn't want to leave the wolf behind anyway so together the two of them headed back to the Ranger barracks.  By the time they arrived Owen had gathered the rest of the rescue party and they were soon ready to leave.

OOC: I wasn't sure if we'd be taking horses or not cus even though they would be faster I didn't know how comfortable the rest of the party would be with riding.  If we do take horses, maybe somebody else could have saddled and brought midnight out for Burrich since he was gathering food for everyone?  Midnight is a dark black stallion and the only horse in the Stedding large enough to hold him.  Thanks!

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Posted 22 November 2009 - 02:10 PM

Long, ground-eating strides carried Rhya swiftly through the Stedding in Burrich’s wake, oblivious to the shouts of concerned query that followed her.

Burn me but there are some true fools in this world, anger was a burning sustenance that allowed her to ignore deeper feelings of fear and worry. Fear for the damage that mobs could do from their own cowardice and ignorance and worry over a Wanderer’s fate. Hanging! Light! As though accusations of being a bloody Darkfriend were not serious enough.

The tree house loomed up ahead, snugly peaceful in the embrace of the surrounding forest, but Rhya had no time to appreciate it right then, grabbing instead for the ladder and hauling herself up to the balcony. A whirlwind would have made less mess than she did in the next few minutes, flying from one room to another as she filled saddlebags and packs with essentials for both herself and Owen.

“Herbs, food, clothes, blankets, cloaks...” Rhya reeled off a steady stream of reminders under her breath, conscious of time passing. Burrich would bring the main food supplies just as whichever Sage accompanied them would bring medications, but she knew from experience that extra never hurt. Who knew what would happen on this journey or how long it might take? Should fighting prove unavoidable, it may be more than just one Wanderer who ended up with injuries. That thought thinned her mouth briefly and brought a grim tightness to her eyes.

Less than ten minutes later, Rhya was snatching up her bow and slinging packs over her shoulder. Her sword still hung at her hip from the interrupted training session and her daggers nestled in their usual place at her belt. A quick glance around satisfied her that she hadn’t forgotten anything and then she was leaving the house once more.

Settling into an easy lope, she sent out a call to Shadow and headed for the stables where the small group had been ordered to gather when they were ready to depart. The double doors to the long building were open wide for once, allowing the fresh air to mitigate the worst of the smell, though that didn’t stop Rhya wrinkling her nose. There was no sign of the rest of the party just yet.

The roan stallion she’d chosen for her own use was in the first stall and he happily continued snuffling through some oats scattered on the floor while Rhya ran a hand over his fetlocks and checked his hooves and then he watched her progress as she went to collect her tack. She was just tightening the girth, slapping the stallion smartly on his side as he tried to blow out, when a familiar presence strode into the stables.

“Your pack and saddlebags are by the door. I don’t think I missed anything,” she said, straightening from her task when the stall door opened.

“Rhya...” Owen’s voice was as determined as his expression causing Rhya to stiffen, but he paused, apparently rethinking his words. She was almost certain he’d been about to tell her she couldn’t go but instead, “You’ll stay close to me and remain with the Sage should there be fighting. The rescue will be dangerous and your training isn’t complete yet. You’re not to take any foolish risks.”

Rhya’s face could have been moulded from stone and she stood so still it was like looking at a statue. The shadows in the stall added a dangerous cast to her eyes as she responded in a flat voice, devoid of emotion, “As you say, I will stay close to you.”

Her shields were slammed up so tightly that it was impossible even for Owen to tell anything from her scent but as he opened his mouth to speak again, Rhya turned her back on him, attention fixed squarely on saddling the stallion and securing her saddlebags, and several other ‘kin arrived in a chatter and bustle forestalling whatever else he had to say.

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Posted 22 November 2009 - 06:56 PM

Forest Shadow lay a few long strides from Winter Winds who was on the practice field near the Ranger's Barracks. She was happily chewing on a peice of something she had been able to snag from one of the two-legs at the large dwelling Winter called the inn. Looking up she smiled inwardly as Winter dilagintly practiced with a practice sword. He had been doing so every day since he had picked out his blade.

The sound of the door being thrown open snapped Forest out of her thoughts, and Winter out of his practicing. The two-leg Mountain Fury came rushing out, followed by Rhya. They seemed destressed, running through from the Ranger's Barracks as if a never bourn was on their tails.

A sence of alarm emenated from them through the bond they shared with wolves, showing that something was wrong. Winter put down his practice sword and ran over to Forest, and grabbed his sword from where it lay near her.

"What is going on sister? Are we under attack?" He sent, worry seeping through the bond.

"I do not know brother, but I think we had best find out." She sent back as she stood up and shook the dead leaves from her fur.

Nodding Winter strapped his blade onto his belt and ran the distance to the barracks, and were promply met by a Guardian who told them that word had just come of a wanderer who was imprisioned and awaiting death for being a Dshadow friend. Winter took a step out the door before the Guardian reminded him he couldnt go, as he was a wanderer himself.

The pain on Winter's face trickeld through the bond, he had almost met that fate himself before he had been found by a tracker. His own pack had turned on him, and would most likely of killed him. thinking back to that day she remembered how scared he had been when she had found him, alone in the woods. Now somewhere out there someone like her brother was in a cadge, awaiting his death at the hands of his pack.

"I will go brother," Forest said almost before the thought barely had tome to register, "I will go in your place as I do not wish to see another to face the fate that almost befell you."

Winter looked at her for a moment, it was a look of What will I do without you? But then he seemed to understand, Forest could not stand to see him woory such over someone he did not even know, a feature she found interesting.

"Go then, make sure the others dont get in trouble," Winter said, "and make sure the poor soul gets back here."

And so when the others reached the place they kept their four-legged hard footed creatures, horses as Winter called them, Forest was waiting for them with a look of, "So when do we leave?"

Forest Shadow.
Out to save a poor soul.

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Posted 29 November 2009 - 10:12 AM

   They were six days out from the Stedding and the pace Owen had set had been punishing, 18 hours a day spent in the saddle or walking so the horses could rest. Trot for an hour, walk for an hour, trot for another hour, with only a brief break at midday to cram some food down their throats and then they were off again. It was not until long after nightfall that Owen would allow them to make camp and cook their only hot meal of the day. Their shelters were the typical ones the Rangers employed whenever they wanted to move fast and light.  A simple water proof sheet with eyelets around the edge was attached to a rock wall or tree and then pegged to the ground. These shelters could be easily joined together to make a large shelter, but only Rhya and Owen did that, all the other Rangers stayed in their one man shelters.
   The next morning they were up and on their way an hour before the sun would rise and if they timed it right they would be at the head of the pass just in time to see the sunrise. Although the mission was urgent Owen thought they could spare a moment to appreciate such natural beauty.
   As the trail wound its way higher and higher, it became much more sinuous, following the contours of the mountain to find the easiest route.  This high up there was snow on the ground all year round, but thankfully there had been no adverse weather to hinder their journey. However there were still signs of snowfall all around them and despite the bright sunlight their breath frosted in the morning air.
   Just as they crested the rise, having led their horses for the last mile or so, the sun rose behind them and slowly the land in front of them came into view, illuminated by the suns early morning rays. Owen had been leading them steadily west, wanting to cross over the Mountains of Mist from east to west, rather than try to travel along the spine of the mountains. It was also well known among the Rangers that the western slopes of the Mountains of Mist were easier to traverse, even on horseback, not something that could be said for the Eastern slopes.
   Standing there, watching the sun rise and reveal the land below, Owen’s mind drifted back to the start of their break neck journey and Rhya’s temper tantrum. He could find no other way to describe the way she had reacted to his trying to keep her safe if trouble occurred. Mind you Owen should have known better seeing as both Ehlana and Iris had been exactly the same way. Two days into the journey Owen had taken Rhya to one side and apologised to her for what he had said back at the Stedding. It was not what he had wanted to do, he still felt she should not have accompanied them, but it was the right thing to allow her to accompany them. At least this way he got to see her every day, although bundled up as she was there was not much of her to see.
   “Come on Rhya time we were heading down the other side. Once we have descended for a few hours the going should get easier and we can make better time.” Seeing the tiredness etched on Rhya’s face, and knowing he was almost as tired as Rhya looked, Owen decided to call an early halt to their journey. “Burrich, find us a good place to spend the night. I would say we have earned an early halt to day so i suggest you start looking for some where suitable around midday. Take one of the Rangers with you and scout ahead.”


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Posted 02 December 2009 - 03:55 PM

OOC: Continued in: The Pack Comes

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Posted 12 September 2010 - 02:18 PM


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