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The Evil Penpal...

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#1 twinflower

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Posted 22 October 2009 - 12:38 AM

*has a martyred look, wringing hands*

Yes, It is I, who took on the Mistress of the Dark..the Most Evil one for my own penpal..no pinks..subjecting myself to the Light knows what horrors..

OH hell I can't stand it!  *giggles, eyes twinkling, picks up Myst, twirling her around and around, kisses her and holds her tight*

I got the most amazing Happy Mail from Mystie!  OH my gosh I'm still smiling, giggling and playing with all that she sent, and have the letter on the table to keep looking at the pictures! 

THANK YOU MYSTIELOVE!  I will post pics here soon...*chews lips*
*grins*  But she sent me this HUGE box thing of individually wrapped fancy chocolates that are just sinful!  Wow..one is rich enough to keep you sweet for daaaayyys....!  And a pack of the most beautiful scrapbook paper..called ONce Upon a TIme..Jade be very jealous..*nods*  This is just lovely..I can't wait to use it..and at the same time just love looking at it!  The colors, designs..even fairies it's awesome! 

LOL I laughed reading the mailing lable cause it said she had sent coughdrops...? huh?  LOL  well she did!  They are a very old kind from her area, and I can tell you THEY WORK! and are tasty too!  Now how special is that?  Taking care of me from far away..*smiles and is teary as per Twinnie*

There were also several little tealights in white and purple..always welcome..I burn a ton of candles!  THanks for lighting up my Life Mystikiss!

*giggles*  and I may just be naive..but it is just so cool to get stuff written in a language I don't understand from the other side of the world!  THere is just something so cool about that to me!  LOL  My birthday card was in Belgian??????  Something about hot baths and wrinkles...Bill has had a blast trying to read everything and figure out the pronunciations!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! *hugs tight and almost strangles, grinning all the while*

#2 Mystica


    Red Ajah Head

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Posted 22 October 2009 - 01:16 AM

YAY I'm so happy it arrived!! Took long enough to get my butt to the post office LOL.

I instantly thought of you when I saw the 'once upon a time' stuff! :D

The official language is Flemish, hon. Not Belgian, Belgicism, Belgism, or any other such thing rofl

Glad you liked it :)

#3 Jaydena

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Posted 22 October 2009 - 11:07 AM

Awwww what a sweetie she is. Go Myst!! LOL I would be jealous but I am fairly certain I have that paper and you may recognize some of it in not that long. *winks and snuggles* You so deserve that and I am glad Myst sent you some stuff.

#4 twinflower

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Posted 22 October 2009 - 04:44 PM

*giggles*  FLEMISH!  see I knew there had to be a name of it...and it wasn't that long love!  Especialy since it was a surprise! *nods*

now just what are you up to Jadeypoo?  hmmm?  *arches eyebrow*