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Glimmers of the Pattern (Serena, Halvie, Carise, Celes)

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 09:36 PM

By the time they stepped through the door of the sickroom, Carise’s usual calm was quickly dissipating from the nervous chattering of the women who had followed her up the rickety stairs. She took a quick look at the two children on the bed, then turned swiftly to the matrons with a reassuring smile on her face. In a firm and slightly impatient tone, she asked if they could kindly take themselves downstairs to soothe the men - ?

Mistress Karyl looked as if she might find it in herself to resist, but the rest of the women understood the tone behind the Aes Sedai’s words and soon the entire flock was trotting hurriedly back down, steps creaking under their weight. In the silence the remained, Carise closed the door behind her and strode over to the poster bed.

Two children lay side-by-side under the sheets, both fairly small-sized for their age, and unmistakably twins. Both were sweating even in the cool of the evening, and the girl awoke with a start, staring at Carise with large, liquid eyes. She made as if to wake her brother, but Carise made a soothing gesture and she subsided. Closing her eyes for a moment, Carise lay both hands on the girl’s hot forehead and Delved her. The patient gave a small shiver as the chill of the Delving ran through her, but stayed remarkable silent. Perhaps the sickness had sapped her strength.

With furrowed brow, Carise contemplated the two still forms before her. Her skill at Healing was better than average, yet she had never before come across such an ailment as the children seemed to suffer. What was certain was that their strength was slowly slipping away and there was only she on hand to help. Soon they might be too weak for Healing. The Red sister knelt beside the bed and wove saidar cautiously.

A quarter of an hour later, she emerged from the room, breaking the terse silence that had reigned in the hall below. A dozen chairs scraped back and a dozen voices called out at once. Carise suppressed the small flutter of impatience that threatened to rise, and walked steadily down the steps, red skirts swishing about her ankles. “The children will be fine,” she announced gently as the gathered villagers fell silent. “All they need is rest and good food. Mistress Alvira? Take up a pitcher of - ”

As she issued instructions to the women, the bustle began to die down as the rest of the clan slipped out the back door. There was work to do yet, and the practical Altarans, minds eased over the matter of the sick children, went off to do it.

And so it was quiet when Carise stepped out of the house and walked slowly back to the inn where she had made her lodgings. The evening air was calm and cool, and in the twilit gloom, that magical interlude between the light of day and the darkness of night, Carise admired the stillness of the town. Here and there matrons lit their night lights in preparation for the darkness ahead; a voice called and children ran towards the sound of their mothers’ voices. In her mind was the memory of two children who had been given a second chance at life in all its wonders; its gladness and despair.

Her musings put a bittersweet smile on her lips as she thought wistfully of her own family in Ebou Dar – the children of her sister’s that had that same chance to live the noble life – but a life she could not have. Yet a sudden sound broke the train of her thoughts and Carise turned, somewhat grateful for the company. Approaching from an alley between two thatch-roofed houses was a man she always looked forward to seeing when she crossed the village. Today there was a welcoming smile on his face as he made his greetings.

Carise returned the good wishes jovially, but noticed a slight gravity about his expression that did not usually belong there. Few were aware that Master Cresfel was one of Carise’ informants in the village. Sobering her own expression, Carise inquired quietly as to the matter, and followed the ageing farmer to the common room of the village’s main inn.

Carise Doraile
Of the Red Ajah

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Posted 07 April 2006 - 10:30 PM

Swiping at the dust on her long blue coat, Serena bit her lip as to not say anything more. Out of the corner of her eye, the Saldaean Blue could see the form of Halvie Faury. The Green Sister that might as well have had her on a leash. For months now Serena had been relaying important Blue Ajah matters to this bloody woman. The two had made an 'agreement', and Serena constantly felt like she had gotten the low end of the deal. Never had she been cheated out of a deal, like she had with Halvie.

Pursing her lips, Serena looked up at the sky. Twilight was becoming the dark of night. Stars glittered in the ominous blackness. The moon, it's great round and luminescant orb, was practically at it's fullest, which meant the casting of shadows was heavy this night.

The two had entered Altara not more than a few hours, and Serena was already on the prowl for the Shadow. It seemed the Dark One was infiltrating anything and everything. There was not a stone unturned that the Shadow had not already cast it's wickedness about. Atleast, that's how it felt at times. Fortune would have it, that Serena's Cause was needed now more than ever. Nodding to herself, and glancing at Halvie, she realized that having one of the Sisters from the Battle Ajah present, was probably a gift.

Slowing her horse, she turned to the Green. "This is the Inn my last informant spoke of. Ariadne said that the woman staying here fits the description we are looking for."

The Blue and Green had been on the road for quite some time. Part of Serena's agreement to Halvie was that she would give the woman important information that was meant for the Blue Ajah, only. The Blue Ajah, although one of the smallest Ajah's in the White Tower, was known to have the most extensive group of Eyes and Ears. It was true, and Serena had to give up her information. Rage boiled in the Saldaean Blue's veins and her cheeks burned as they flushed with anger. Light, how did I get myself in this bloody mess?

One of the latest letters she had received, had expressed the importance of Sisters coming out to Altara. Apparently, Darkfriend activity was at a higher rate than normal, which meant Serena would dive into her Cause at full force. The only drawback was, she had to inform the Green Sister of such activity. The Green had insisted on coming, and there was not much the Blue could do about it.

Throwing her leg over the edge of her horse as she dismounted, Serena thanked the Light she had decided to wear her breeches and blouse. Kicking off of a horse like that in a skirt, simply would not do. Leading her horse up to the Inn, the two Aes Sedai tipped the stableboys properly to see that their horses got a good rub down and brushing.

The small Blue sister lifted her chin slightly before entering the inn. Her height required her to make such movements so she would be able to look down her nose at others. Getting hold of the innkeeper had been no problem, however, the woman they were looking for was not in at the moment. Taking a seat in the common room, Serena ordered a mug of ale and went it arrived she seemed to immerse herself in it.

Peering over the edge of the mug, she said. "Carise had sent notice of her arrival here quite some time ago." Tilted emerald eyes held Halvie's in assurance. "This was LONG before our little...'arrangement'." Shaking her head, she half smiled in disbelief. "I have not failed you yet, Sister. What makes you think I will now, at a time as crucial as this? The Shadow lurks in every corner of this village, I can feel it." The last was said in lower tones, as not to frighten the others in the common room.

Leaning back, Serena reached into her inside pocket and pulled out a pipe and some good Two Rivers tobac. As she packed and lit the pipe, her features became one of deep thought. Was it right to come to Carise without sending word? They truly DID need her. Light, it was going to be a strange reunion. Serena had been Carise's mentor back at the White Tower many, many years ago. When the Red Sister came to Serena with her choice of Ajah, Serena had laid down the law about speaking terms. The two had hardly spoken since. Perhaps, a letter here and there. That was it.

If her Ajah sisters found out about Serena gallavanting about Altara with a Red, they would surely shun her forever. Narrowing her eyes, she studied Halvie, surely the woman wouldn't....

...Before Serena's thought could finish, in walked her long lost friend and Mentee. Carise appeared suprised to see them, atleast to Serena. Light, she would have been suprised, too. Putting out her pipe and standing, Serena nodded to the Red and tried incredibly hard not to wrap her arms around her old Mentee.

"May the Light favour you, Sister." Serena said with warmth in her voice and her emerald eyes.

Serena Morrigan
Blue Ajah