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24k. Gold Plated Bronze Asha'man Dragon Pin (RJ-36)

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First seen in Lord of Chaos, the dragon pin was awarded and worn by those men promoted to Asha'man within the Black Tower. The Asha'man pin was worn along with the Sword pin of the Dedicated, on opposite sides of the collar. The pins were created and originally distributed by Rand al'Thor to give the men goals and ranks they could achieve.

The Asha'man Dragon Pin is cast in solid bronze and then barrel plated with 24k. gold. It pin measures approximately 44.2 mm (1 3/4") long by 21.2 mm (7/8") tall and weigh approximately 5.1 grams. The back of the pin is hollowed out to reduce weight and has a standard brooch pin. The pin weighs approximately 5 grams.

The pin is available with a red antiquing for an additional $2.50 US.

Each pin comes in a burgundy drawstring pouch and with a card of authenticity.