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PinkRibbons - Mat and Tylin


Edsel J. Arnold - 2009

PinkRibbons - Mat and Tylin

This is artwork that I created a few years ago and took to the Atlanta book signing during Brandon's first tour. I've tweaked/modified the painting since then in Photoshop. I should have given the original to Brandon or Harriet at the time, but I think I knew I intended to tweak it a little. I know Mat looks somewhat "romance novel", which is not typical for me (or Mat), but I really feel that concept fits the scene, since I think Tylin enjoys embarrassing Mat that way. I wanted Tylin's petticoats to have a Venetian look instead of a "pirate wench" feel. Look for this and other artwork soon on my new deviant art site: EdselArnold.deviantart.com

    really nice, thanks for posting it. :smile:
    poor poor Mat :) Nice painting though. I really like how you drew Tylin.
    Love Tylin, although dress isn't quite how I'd imagine it. I always pictured the ovals as being vertical and I've always seen Ebou Dari dresses as a bit pirate wenchy I must admit lol. But the dress is absolutely beautiful anyway.