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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Make Way For Salidar Novices

Posted by Taymist, in White Tower RP Group 14 October 2010 · 240 views

White Tower RP News Novices
As part of their ongoing efforts to keep the White Tower a fresh and exciting place to role play, our wonderful WT RGL, Elgee, along with her ingenious staff, has introduced a completely new path for would-be Novices to explore.

Check out Elgee's post below and see if you have what it takes to make the cut. Whether you've never role played before, or simply lacked inspiration, now may be your time!

In the Wheel of Time series, the novice book is opened to older women by the Salidar group. We have decided to do that at the PSW too, to keep it somewhat in sync with what happens in the Books. Considering that we don’t have the players for a formal split, our story will be adapted slightly. To prevent confusion, these “older” novices will henceforth be called Salidar novices, and those who follow the up to now “normal” PSW way will be called Traditional novices.

The PSW version of Salidar Novices, and how they came to be:

The Final Battle is approaching and various Aes Sedai are worried about the fact that there are simply not enough novices and Accepted who will reach the Shawl. A faction proposes that older women be allowed to join as novices. After much wrangling and debate (not necessarily all fully RPed out), the idea is accepted and implemented in roughly 995NE.

Aes Sedai are sent out to proclaim this, and search for women. (All full AS are welcome to RP about this in any way, whether it’s just mentioning the story in their RPs, or actively participating in looking for older women who can channel, to RPing with people who make Salidar novice characters).
The vast majority of these novices will be non-sparkers, though the odd true Wilder would be interesting too. The normal rules will apply (ie you need to request permission from the DL to have a Sparker).

An NSW MoN has been created specifically for the Salidar Novices and Accepted. Her name is Talina Odile Bolaine (The Old Biddy Tongue), and her Bio can be found here: http://drpsw.wikia.c...a_Odile_Bolaine

This 2nd MoN has been created specifically to separate the 2 types of N&A into 2 clear groups who do not RP in the same time line *, ie:

1) “young” novices, who RP in Retro, and once raised can be any age (usually they pick to be 100 or older) (Traditional novices and Accepted)

2) “older” novices, who would RP from 995NE to current time. They’ll will be raised to Aes Sedai just in time for Tarmon Gai’don (give or take a year or 2). (Salidar novices and Accepted)

There are several ways to get them to Aes Sedai by the time TG rolls around in this short time frame of 5 to 7 years. We wilI use a combination of the following:
i) This story would start about 5 years back (995NE), so they would start their novice years slightly in Retro (but not as much as normal novices).
ii) They will be “forced” (Aes Sedai panicking about the low numbers).
iii) There’s some mention in the Books of those older Salidar novices learning much faster than the more traditionally younger ones.

In order for this not to become a stampede of people wanting to do JUST older novices, there would have to be a few negatives / drawbacks:

i) They’re stuck with the age they started with (bar adding a few years) – ie they gain the Shawl in CURRENT time line (and that’s the age they’re stuck at), so if they were 50 when they started as novice, they’ll be between 53 and 57 when TG arrives.
ii) The character may not hold any IC position like MoN, Sitter, Ajah Head, etc – ever (except if we jump 100 years in time, at some stage … lol).
iii) They will be looked down at by the “older” Aes Sedai due to their accelerated raising – something like being a Wilder puts you just a little bit lower in the hierarchy than your Strength in the OP should put you.

Traditional (younger) novices will have the “pro” of being able to RP themselves as “older” Aes Sedai, with all the bonuses attached to that, like becoming Sitters or Ajah Heads, etc.

I think this idea will lead to more RPs, and might even attract more members and/or characters. It opens up a whole new avenue for those who don’t want to play the 15 year old, but rather someone with more of a history and who will have different struggles with being an initiate. Plus, as I said above, people with full Aes Sedai characters can use this opportunity to travel Randland searching for women who can learn to channel.

* Until there are enough Salidar novices and Accepted to RP with each other, we will not be enforcing the separation of the 2 groups too strictly.