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Gonna Try Something New...

Posted by alannalynn, 01 March 2011 · 315 views

Okay... my parents were sick for about 2 weeks (some bug that's going around) so I've been determined to avoid them. Last week, I had a day (or two) that I was totally and completely dizzy and could barely function so I said "(BLEEP), I'm getting sick-- they're going to pay for this!" Thing is, once I slept, I realized I wasn't really sick at all, I just needed, well... sleep. That's when I thought back to the past two days and realized I'd only had a TOTAL of 4 hours during about a 36 hour period. AKA, Not Good. So, my dizzy spell was a result of sleep deprivation.

The thing is, I work nights and close at a Taco Bell, so during the week I'll work shifts like 8pm to 12, or 9pm to 4am. Then on the weekends I'll close the store sometimes working until 5am. The downside? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays my earliest class is 8am, Tuesdays is 10am, Thursdays 12pm (noon). SO, as a result, I end up sleeping less than 4 hours most nights (IF I can fall asleep) and end up exhausted the entire next day. Another issue is the rotating sleep schedule; I'll sleep in the day because I didn't sleep the night before, and I can't sleep at night because I'm generally AWAKE and working at night. Along with this, it takes me a LONG time to fall asleep after work because I'm still jittery from work.

So.. what I'm going to do is record my sleep for the next month. Unfortunately next week is Spring Break, but I'll handle it as it comes and my sleep will definitely be caught up then, but once school slams back into place, it's back to restless nights. But my goal is to see how much sleep I'm actually getting because I know the way it is now is extremely unhealthy.

I'll be recording the time I fall asleep, wake up, and any naps during the day on a google doc and hope to be as accurate as possible! Maybe I can work something out with this by realization. Heh...

here's hoping you can get more sleep! If you have to cut down on other things like hours or when you work on school projects or socializing with friends late into the night, do so. Good luck.