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Attempting to do work: the evils of people and tv

Posted by alannalynn, 11 December 2010 · 164 views

I figure it's time to rant about pure evil: television and parents. :unsure:

Nothing bad about them in general, but when you're trying to write your last paper for the semester and need to FOCUS on something, the second your parent gets home from work and decides to talk loud and watch the tv while you're on the computer and trying to put together complete thoughts, it's damn frustrating. I mean, WHAT THE F***???

*sigh* Pardon my language.

So, I have to use my mom's computer (mine has been crashed for a year now) and I'm getting a new one for Christmas, but my mom's isn't allowed to leave the dining room table; but this is where I end up doing my school work. For some God-unknown reason, my parents figure it's FUN to be loud and talk loud and laugh uproariously at the television all damn day while I"m trying to do schoolwork because I'm the one paying for my college, not them.

FML, this paper is never going to get done.