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Machiavelli and WoT

Posted by alannalynn, 06 December 2010 · 204 views

A great idea. I've been tossing this around for a little while as an idea for my Political Science paper (which, incidentally, is due Friday), but my main issue is coming up with a topic. Basically, my professor told us that we could write on anything, as long as it was based off what we learned this semester.

Our book list for this year:
- Plato's Apology of Socrates
- Plato's Crito
- Aristotle's Politics (parts)
- Machiavelli's The Prince (parts, though I read it in high school)
- Locke's Second Treatise of Gov't (parts)

In all honesty, I'm tired of Plato and Aristotle and Socrates, they've been overdone this year because I'm in both Political Science and Classical Philosophy at the same time. (In Phil, we've read the Presocratics, Plato's Republic, and Aristotle's Ethics, so please NO MORE!) The point is, I need something different.

What I've been tossing about in my mind is comparing Machivelli's The Prince to Rand's political maneuvers throughout the series, or even isolating one of the books, like ToM, and taking it apart and analyzing what a Prince ought or ought not to do.

I'm going to pose this idea to my professor tomorrow, but for now I would love some feed back from anyone willing to give it, whether it would be worthwhile of a 5-6 page paper due Friday or not, and any drawbacks you may see to it, etc. Basically, if it's a bad idea, a heads up would be nice. lol :happy:


The biggest drawback I see is that, your going to have a hell of a time writing a final draft by friday. I think the topic is a good one, well done you for thinking outside the box. I know teachers like that. *laughs* If you do it good luck. :)
Glad to hear from you, yeah I know it'll be a task, especially having work every night, but I have quite a bit of free time that I end up on DM instead of doing anything productive, so I think it's possible, possibly, if I really set my mind to it. I generally have pretty good turn around time, so I'll have to really look into it and see how much time it could actually take. Not that I sleep anyways... *ggl* I'll probably have a pretty good time estimate by tomorrow.
If you have a bit of free time I'd do up an outline. When you do your outline try and write the first sentence of all your points/paragraphs within the outline...if that makes sense. That way you have less to do with the writing you've just got to fill in the rest of your arguments/points and there you have it. We learned to do that in my English 102 class. The research paper. *shudders* I hated doing it but made for a better outline/paper. It may help with doing it last min.

If you can get someone to read it for you before you turn it in. Give them and yourself long enough that you will have time to make corrections. So have someone read it like wed or Thurs so you have a chance to make corrections and get it in by Friday. I'd say if you and Rae are good friends ask her, she corrects me all the time. *laughs* I work in a writing center so I could do it as well but I am not sure how helpful I'd be. I'm not so good with gramatics.
Thanks and good idea, my biggest problem is always structure. My greatest paper of all time was my Junior year AP English Lang epic Word Paper. LOL. I was 9 pages of awesome, though my MLA was terrible... but no paper since has come near to it. I also wrote it in three days, where I usually take about three hours.. *ggl*

I will have to force myself to allow someone to proof read it though, for some reason or another, I get nervous giving anything I write to anyone at all *hates to be judged* :unsure: And I'm afraid of compliments. :blush:
Okay, I really cannot contain my excitement to get this started. I looked back and found the detailed outline I made for the entire book for the Prince (had to do this for an assignment in high school) and I'm marking up notes EVERYWHERE. This will probably be the most enjoyable paper I've ever written, now I'm even more excited to speak to my professor tomorrow.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
^.^ Paper topic approved, I'm leaning toward using the Seanchan as my point of reference, as they are a political body, headed by a single ruler, and a conquering nation. I figure it will give me more to work with than Rand, and it's narrow enough that my paper doesn't end up as 20 pages when I'm aiming for 5 or 6.