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Ramblings of a tired mind

Posted by Elgee, 03 October 2010 · 448 views

This is the kind of crap I talk with my bondeds when I'm over tired :sleep:

So today I tried to make Tzatziki. How hard can it be? I make my own Raita all the time, which is the same thing, just Indian instead of Greek. Except this time, I decide to follow the recipe. WRONG! Never trust those idiots who tell you stuff like "salt the cucumber to draw out the water. you won't have to rinse it, because the liquid will get rid of the salt anyway." Even after a 100 rinses, the cucumber is STILL inedible :baalzamon:

Anyhoo, this conversation ensues with my one bonded (who'd been subjected to my rant about moronic recipe makers):

Elgee: i'll think of you while i'm lying on the couch having a cup of tea and reading book 5 *angel face*
Poor Bonded: you do that, tzatziki girl.
Elgee: rofl
Elgee: i should have named my Red Hoa that - i always think of that word when i see the book Red's name. which i can never remember, except that it also has lots of t's and z's ... lol

"so what's your name?"
"Tzatziki - it'd old Tongue for "yoghurt and cucumber dip with dill, garlic and lemon"
"and here's my Warder, Humus"
"but i affectionately call him Chick Pea"
Poor Bonded: he's the brother of Fungus. Also known as Tator Head
Elgee: naah ... his brother is Dolmades. He has a weird fascination with fig leaves

LMAO! WOoooooooooW


Five Stars :whitecloak::whitecloak::whitecloak::whitecloak::whitecloak:
I think I need to know more about this "fig leaf obsession" of which you wrote. :tongue:
I agree with Mirsh just saying. *laughs* You and your weird obsessions. *ggls*
LOL Elgs.... you had quite an adventure with your supper after i left :laugh:

It's Dolmades who has the fig-leave fetish, not I .. err Tzatziki girl. Good thing I she bonded Humus, though, since he was the only thing worth eating last night. Tzatziki turned out too salty, and I couldn't get Dolmades up. On the plate. And their cousin Lamsbottom was overdone and limp.