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From: [PRE-Harry Potter Week 2017] Mafia Signups

Posted by Elgee, 18 July 2017 · 85 views


The Blue Ajah's annual Harry Potter Week festivities are scheduled to begin Sunday July 30th, y'all, and it's time to start the signups for our yearly mafia game.




This is the only mafia game allowed to be held in the White Tower Social Group, because our staff does. not. like. drama... and drama seems to follow a game where people lie to one another and try to commit murder. Imagine that. :dry:


In order to keep this annual tradition, I must ask you all one thing.


DO NOT SIGN UP if you do not think you can play this game without contributing to drama. If you sign up to play, you are agreeing to do your absolute best to avoid insults, rude comments, emo outbursts, etc. If you have concerns about what this means, please message me privately.



This year we have a theme. It's an amazing theme, it will be the best theme you have ever seen! You know that. And the Black Tower is going to pay for the game, you remember I said that. Just remember it. :wink: Just kidding!!


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A few basic rules:


No posting during night phase


Game will start out as a standard hammer game


Day phase will last 48 hours, night phase will last 24.




Player list:


Source: [PRE-Harry Potter Week 2017] Mafia Signups