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Eye of the World, Chapters 42-47

Posted by TheBeerPatriot, 15 June 2012 · 447 views

When I first read EOTW, I felt the reader was being set up for a showdown with Elaida either in Caemlyn or in Tar Valon. But then again, I initially did not pay incredible heed to the Tinkers' message to Perrin about the Eye, or with Rand's dream sequences with Ba'alzamon concerning the Eye. I love how RJ used the 3rd instance of the Eye being threatened (through Loial's tale) that pivoted the forward action from Tar Valon to the Eye. For this alone, I feel that Loial is ta'veren as well. I remember the feeling of reading a good fantasy book to a an epic fantasy tale.

I've always liked WOT scenes set in the Ways, and the reader's introduction to them sets a chilling tone and creates tremendous tension with the lack of light and the threat of Machin Shin hovering over the entire party. The escape from the Ways was pretty dramatic...the Black Wind literally nipping at their heels. And of course, the LOTR parallels are unmistakable here, with Fain/Gollum following the party in the Ways/Moria. I was just waiting for the Balrog to pop out of nowhere too ;)

I also made another LOTR parallel in this book between Lan and Aragorn, where Lan was the king in exile. I eventually dropped this comparison, but it resonated for me with the Borderlands scenes.

When Moiraine makes the connection between Fain and Mordeth, it likewise sets Fain apart a bit more from the Gollum-like similarities. It is amazing to think that the Shadow did not get their hands on any of the ta'veren before Lan and Moiraine got to them. If it were possible, it would be a nice story to have as a prequel.