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Eye of the World, Chapters 19-26

Posted by TheBeerPatriot, 22 March 2012 · 387 views

Part 3 of my own WOT re-read before AMOL. The first time I read EOTW I thought Mordeth was simply a ghost in Shadar Logoth, who knew that he would become much more with Padan Fain!

It's amazing to re-read EOTW and see the foreshadowing that Jordan provides with the Tower of Ghenjei and the Choedan Kal on Tremalking. When I first read EOTW I did not feel that Domon would become a regular character in this series (although he's faded somewhat later in the series).

Re-reading the Whitebridge section (Chapter 26), the last few pages are very riveting. Jordan did a fantastic job with the false alarm when Thom initially looks like a Myrdraal when he approaches Rand and Mat in the alley-only to have a true appearance of a Myrdraal moments later! The scene of Rand and Mat fleeing Whitebridge along with others is very riveting, and Thom's confrontation with the Myrdraal gave me a weird echo of Gandalf vs. the Balrog, as both men disappear for the duration of the book where the battle takes place.