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It never fails...

Posted by BaLefireP, 22 January 2012 · 400 views

Have you ever had something that always started good but ended bad? Because that right there is the description of a normal date day or evening spent with my fiance (Bethany) RIGHT there folks!

it never fails...

Every time we go out or spend an evening together, something comes up or happens that leaves me dreading my drive home. And you might ask: "Why is that Bale?" To be totally honest it has absolutely nothing to do with Bethany at all, I have been blessed by God to have her and would not give or accept anything in the world that would change that thought. This so called "dreading" comes from my family at home, yes I said it... From home.

To get some kind of background story here so you will understand: I come from a home with a SUPER controlling mother who is everything and is never wrong. (hah!) I am the one independent kid in the family who makes my own choices and has a full time job (That she would like me to quit)that she dislikes because I have a seance of freedom. Therefor I get a lot dished out at me. :dry:

And now back to today's story: Today Bethany was over with her brother Caleb (who is my sisters boyfriend... go figures...) and we watched the movie "Transformers: Dark of the moon" since she had not seen it. As to not bother my sister and her boyfriend, we went into the guest bedroom and just sat on the bed in there and watched it there. So from there the day turns our normal so far, I take Bethany and her brother to church and then home, and all is good and merry! Until...

I get called into my parents bedroom at 10 9:30 at night when I had just gotten home from dropping them off (I know, strange to get called in when you are 18 almost 19. But just go with it.) and get told how I had "contaminated" my sisters bed and sheets and owed her an apology for using her stuff. I was like "whaaaaaaaat?" and got told once again that I had contaminated my sisters stuff. MIND you that we only SAT on the bed and no sexual behavior of any kind in which bodily fluids could contaminate stuff happened.

I know that I could sit here and make excuses until the cows come home for why I would not be in the wrong, but I know that I would be blue in the face from lack of oxygen before I even got anywhere. So I take it at face value and see that I must need to change SOMETHING about myself to avoid such confrontations every time Bethany and I spend time together.

Other then that it was a wonderful afternoon! We had burgers and ice cream for dinner and as I mentioned earlier: We watched a movie. :wub:


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