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500 words a day - Day 5

Posted by Aiel Man Can, 07 December 2011 · 587 views

I am writing a novel by posting drafts online as I go along, welcoming feedback and generally trying to complete the novel before June. This is intended as a bit of fun, focused practice and a way to get a novel written.

It is a supernatural mystery full of dusty old books and one teenage girl. A very rough draft of the first two chapters can be found here http://guernseygoat....t.com/#/d4i2l20

Day 5:

Yes you missed days one, two, three and four. Thisis a good thing given how broken the first chapter was. I received some really great feedback which helped me get this story rolling. Thanks to Naria-hime and Bish. I am a bit behind on the word count due to having to edit quite heavily,t here goes my weekend.

Day 5 Statistics:

Words written: 2204 total, wordssurviving to appear in chapter 1 and 2 1571.

Reading : Snuff by Terry Pratchett

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