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Game of Thrones review.

Posted by Feral, 08 November 2011 · 533 views

I've just read GoT and thought I'd jump on the blog bandwagon to share some of my thoughts. Over all I really enjoyed this book. I found it hard to put down and really missed it when I had to go away and leave it at home for two weeks. BUT...there was also quite a few things that annoyed me about this book.

Firstly, I disliked quite a few of the characters I feel I was supposed to like. Most of the Starks, for instance. Bran, Jon, Arya, Ned. But my main problem is that things often seemed a bit...childish. There were times when I felt like I was reading a young adult book, right up until I came across something sexual or violent, then I'd end up feeling slightly disturbed because of how "young" the book had felt a moment before.

A lot of this is due the number of children in the story. I have to say I don't understand why some of these characters are so young. Yes I know that back in the medieval era people were considered adults at a younger age, but the reader is not in the medieval era. It just means we have a lot of characters who the audience can't relate to quite so well. Well I couldn't at any rate, and I'm only 20 myself. Also, I sometimes feel as if the children act/think too maturely for their ages. I know kids would have had to mature faster in harder times, but still I think I would have preferred all the children to have been given an extra couple of years. Especially Rickon. He's only four yet in a scene towards the end of the book he acts much older (in my opinion).

The other reason it often felt a bit young adult to me is the dire wolves. I love animals so I like the idea, but for me unrealistically intelligent, magical animals always have a kiddyish feel to them.

QUESTION: Can someone please tell me what the deal is with Jon Snow's mum? I know it's a spoiler, but it's really bugging me and I might not be able to get my hands on the other books for a while. Mind you I suppose it might not have been revealed yet?

Random thoughts: Anyone else think Matrim was Tyrion in a previous life? Womanising? Check, check. Like a drink? Check, check. Like to gamble? Check, check. Cheeky mouth? Check, check. I couldn't believe it when he said "let's roll the dice".

The dire wolves seem to understand human pointing. A documentary on tv said that wolves were unable to understand pointing, it's something dogs have developed to get along with us. I don't care if they're magic wolves, it annoyed me.

The stallion that mounts the world. Ok so I'm getting an image of the earth, a giant horse and a really unfortunate super volcano.

Dany at the end of the book was DISTURBING. First she turns into this mad cow then the feeding the dragons bit...ugh. I have to say that for a moment it put me off the whole series.

Characters I liked: The Lannisters (apart from the children). The Hound. Robb Stark. So not that many really, at least not at the moment. I'm hoping once the Stark kids grow up, I'll start liking them a bit more.

The beauty about this series is how many fundamental mysteries there are yet to be answered. Jon's parentage is part of this. We don't know for sure but I think most believe he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark who was Ned's sister. Many hints that they had a true love.
On the whole, "magic" is a lot less understated in ASoIaF than in WOT. Though I suppose its ramping up in that world when the story takes place, its as if it was somewhat dormant and is starting to come back into the world with more prominance. So I guess you could say the "magic wolves" are one of the first instances of the abnormal in the books. Also, Martin does use unreliable narrarator, meaning that when you are reading from a certain POV, you are getting that character's take on what is happening, they may not always be totally correct. Some things, become clearer in following books, ie. the magic wolves.

I never got the idea that GoT was young adult material, actually I'd probably think of WOT more young adult friendly, I don't say that as a bad thing. I was 14 when I started WOT back when it came out, but read GOT in my 30s. I too felt that sometimes some of the Starks appear seemed a little too mature for their ages though. Originally I think Martin's plan was to have them age more so than they have, but had to scrap the idea, which led to one of the big delay's in the publishing of one of the books. The fact that you pointed out the historical setting was hard for you to identify with is a point against it being young adult material. Martin is a fan of history and there are alegories and inspiration from real world global history in the books. There are bits of the War of the Roses, Henry VIII/Thomas Moore that you can find similarities too in the book. The Nights Watch has a French Foreign Legion feel. There are more that others have picked up on as well.

As to the shout out to "lets roll the dice", Martin does that quite a bit to authors and books that he likes. There is a lord I think named something like Robet Jordayne of the Tor, or something like that. There is also a referance to the Wheel of Time mythos in a section in a later book. Jordan helped Martin out early on by giving the GOT a positive review and they used his blurb on the dust jacket I believe.

I think the Stallion that Mounts the World prophesy was used to alert the reader not to put too much faith in prophesy in these books. Prophesy in this world doesn't always pan out.

I think when I was done with the first books, I liked the characters most people tend to like best, Jon, Arya, Tyrion. All of which have been labled as Mary-Sue type characters by various peeps. I didn't really mind if they were or not. I was not a fan of the Hound due to his killing of Mycah the baker's boy.

As to Jon's mother, I believe that may end up not being totally revealed until the last book. But I, like Suttre above me and many others believe Jon to actually not be Ned's son but his nephew. I believe Jon is Lyanna's son with Reagar Targaryen. There are clues dropped in the first book and that is actually when I picked up on it. I think when Ned has dream of Lyanna in blood and she forced him to promice her something, many believe that the promice she wanted of him was to protect Jon. To best do that was to hide his identity, as Robert Baratheon would not have blinked in killing an infant born from the union of Lyanna and Reagar. I think most people, myself included, believe Lyanna and Reagar were together concentually, but there is also a contingent that believes Reagar did rape Lyanna.
Oh I forgot about the Hound killing Mycah. I keep getting him mixed up with his brother. But still I feel sorry for him because of what his brother did to him, and the way he's treated Sansa seems to suggest he has some good in him somewhere.

Ah, thanks for answering my question! I had actually suspected at one point that Jon was Lyanna's, but then when Ned was talking to the king about it he seemed quite ashamed so I changed my mind again. I did also actually suspect that Jon was both Lyanna and Ned's son. Anyway, thanks again!

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