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Sooooo....... Blogging......

Posted by Pants On Fire, 17 October 2011 · 280 views

So the blog. The epitome of online boredom and time wasters.....

I actually had an interesting day. I feel I should share it with the world! ..... Not really. In fact upon revision I think many would see it as a bad day, however I have found it oddly cathartic and fulfilling.

It all started at 6am when I had to get up for a crack of days shift at my university placement.
I am NOT a morning person.
Enough said.

The placement is a compulsory part of my Bachelor of Nursing (yeah that's right male nurse....) and my current block is in an old folk home. The work is not hard at all but helping someone with personally care can be a little confronting when you're new.....

Especially on less than 6 hours sleep.

After finishing at 2:30pm I enjoyed a nice lunch in the beautiful weather we're having only here (only ever visit Canberra during early spring. All other times are bloody hot, freezing cold or rainy) and then remembered I had touch footy in 2 hours =\

Rushing home to get ready my iPad managed to smash itself. My new beloved toy now looks like Freddie Kruger was trying to play Angry Birds on it. :baalzamon: had his hand in that one for sure lol

Bright side is it still works, in fact this post was typed on it :biggrin:

Then we played touch an had our bums handed to us because we are no :bandredhand:
But I feel that I played well and that's all that really counts.....
Other than the score.
Which we lost.
By a lot.....

On the way home my bag, a small hiking pack, filled to the brim, broke in half a dozen different place. -_- But considering it was a cheap NorthFace replica that I bought in Vietnam three years ago, I'm actually surprised it lasted this long.
Even though, I was crushed inside......
And that damn bag made it a burdensome trip home.....
Which took me a hour and a half instead of 30 minutes....
Maybe because I got lost.....

So that was my day. And after 15 hours of well packed activity I can retire......

.......after browsing DragonMount for an hour

browse more. it;s less dangerous. :)
How do you get lost in Canberra? There's barely anything there, should be easy to find your way :tongue:
Lol. That is a very good question Arlow. A question that I will promptly answer three weeks after it was posed to me.<div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>I don't KNOW! I've never had that problem before, at least since I was younger. I tried to cut through an unfamiliar suburb in the dark and was put off by the curved roads I suppose..... Looking back it was a good expedition though. Trails were blazed, direction was found and I lived to see another day. Lol</div>

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