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Awaiting The Light #0

Posted by Xamol Na, in The Mind of a Writer 23 August 2012 · 518 views

So, like every other WoT fan, I'm currently waiting for the release of A Memory of Light early next year. What to do until then? Why, re-read the other 14 books in the series, of course!

And blog about them, in chunks haha.

Starting with New Spring =)

The book opens with Al'Lan Mandragoran waking his troops on the eve of battle. He recieves a messenger with a plan to crush the Aiel attackers using a strategy called "Hammer and Anvil." So, Lan and his troops rush to the designated spot only to find the Aiel waving at him and saluting before the run off over the horizon.

What could all that be about?

Tune in next time!