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'DMail' or Dragonmount Mail is an email service provided by using Google Apps. Google hosts the email server and you get an email address with the domain. With this service you get several GBs of space and all the features of a Google gmail account, but with the dragonmount domain. POP and IMAP are available for users who prefer that method of retrieving their email. There are many other features available such as labels and archiving.

In order to sign up for DMail you need to send an email to

In the email you need to include:
- Your first and last name - It is required to create your account.
- Your first and second choice of email address, in case your first choice is already taken.

Providing all this information in your initial email will help the Dragonmount Staff create your account in the most efficient way possible. Please do not provide a password for your new account. A password will be generated for you and a member of the staff will email it to you. Upon your first visit you will be prompted to create a new password.

To access your DMail, visit: