The 4th Age Podcast – Episode 51 – Galad and Gawyn

Galad Damodred and Gawyn Trakand are the topic of this episode. Andrew Gelos and Virginia discuss the half-brothers and their relationship to other characters in the Wheel of Time series, especially Rand and Elayne. This is one of a series of discussions of so-called “minor protagonists.”

As always, during our discussions we go into all the books of the Wheel of Time series, from New Spring through Knife of Dreams, so if you haven’t finished your first read-through, you may want to come back to these podcasts when you have, as THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to new editor Spencer who finished this one up in record time!

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69 Responses to The 4th Age Podcast – Episode 51 – Galad and Gawyn

  1. Nels says:

    Berelain is the type of woman that always gets her way, and she seems most attracted to men that resist her feminine charms and wiles, like Rand, and Rhuarc, and Perrin. Now Galad is too Noble to ever be seduced by someone like Berelain, he might even dislike her if he ever met her, and this would just attract Berelain even more.

    I also think Galad will take the sunthrone because if he does take it, then Elayne will have to deal with her brother as an equal and one on one. The whole book she has been saying how much she hates him, i think it would be a Jordan-esque twist of events if she would finally have to make peace, and maybe even see that he is a good man. it would also be appropriate because then Galad would have to try to unite the Whitecloaks to fight alongside a Country ruled by an Aes Sedai. I think we might finally get rid of Dain.

    I wonder if Rand and Galad being brothers will ever come out into the open, or if it’s just meant for the reader to have an inside joke.

  2. mike says:


    I doubt it would be meant to be an inside joke. These characters are all going to align in some fashion and my guess is the familial tie is going to be a strong point. Look at one of my posts above and how the main players are related. The fact that Rand is son of a Spear Maiden – Tigraine – as well as the prophesied “He who comes with the sun” ties the Aiel into it heavily.

    I can’t wait.

  3. KamarileSedai says:

    Actually, it’s “He Who Comes With The Dawn”.

  4. mike says:

    Hey, I used the wrong word.
    I feel like a podcaster being chastised for the mispronunciation of certain names though we all know what was meant.
    They use the wrong names or words at times too.

  5. KamarileSedai says:

    My intention wasn’t to chastise, only to remind you of the proper term for next time. No afense was meant. But I know that if I’d gotten it wrong, I’d appreciate it being pointed out politely, of course.

  6. Kristina says:

    This is going to be pesky, but I was wondering about future podcasts. I saw on Leigh’s blog that she recorded one with you guys this week and mentioned that it would be out soon. I know you guys are backlogged at the editing stage (wish I could help out, but I have no idea how- I have iDVD and garageband, but somehow I don’t think those would be helpful!)
    I thought I remembered some sort of loose schedule somewhere about the order of topics to be discussed (so readers could call/write in with comments). Do you guys have any sort of loose schedule on the order of releases? By this I don’t mean specific dates (I know you guys do all of this in your spare time!) but rather just something like podcast on Nyneave is next, pod cast with Leigh will be after, etc. Or if you have no idea on the release order can you tell us what topics you have recorded/ are going to record?
    thanks for the great work- I really enjoy the podcasts!

  7. mike says:


    Just kidding , no offense taken.
    I was being playful as the podcasts have come to a stall and I wanted to bump the thread along.
    If you have read these podcast pages enough times over the past few years you will have seen how these folks are goaded about pronunciation.
    Carrie used to call the Dark One the Dark Lord all the time.

  8. KamarileSedai says:

    I’m relieved to know you were kidding, Mike. I’ve listened to many of the podcasts before, but I haven’t been looking through, or posting in the comment sections for very long. Actually, I started to around the time the podcasts for the Chosen (Forsaken) were being posted.
    I’m one who tends to try gently correcting people’s mistakes sometimes, and I know some people do get angry.
    What’s wrong with calling the DarkOne the Great Lord? He is! At least to me, he is. She must be a darkfriend, that’s all. :-)

  9. mike says:

    Yah, I have been into this since they began. If you look way back to 2006 you will see my name in the comments.
    Carrie a darkfriend? Nah, I don’t think so. LOL!

  10. sara says:

    carrie, is that you with the bell-chime voice and the bronze gown?

  11. Ray says:

    Yeah Mike, I’ve been right there with you.

    Is there going to be a new podcasts anytime soon guys? It’s been awhile.

  12. David (4th Age Editor) says:

    There should be another episode coming out very shortly. I know the wait between episodes can drag on but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Hopefully it gets released before the Longing takes you ;)

  13. mike says:

    There have been very few of us who have hung around. I remember when they had the contest for the theme tune. I wanted to submit one but never got around to recording it in time.

  14. mike says:

    I started reading the series this week for the nth time so I can be fully up to date when the new book hits the stands this fall.(maybe) I am 2/3 through EoTW and find it funny when reading the book after reading some of the stuff on the comment pages. Anyone who does so will have to agree. I have forgotten more than I remember about the series.
    I am in the middle of chapter 33 and will get into Caemlyn tonight.

  15. Ray says:

    I remember that Mike, that was right around the time Ben first joined the team wasn’t it? I used to love his crazy theory part of the show.

    I’m about ready for a re-read myself, my copy of the Eye of the World is out on a loan right now though, trying to hook people as always.

    Cool, new podcast today.

  16. Wolfmage says:

    I liked many elements of the podcast, but I thought some of the analysis was way too soft on the whitecloaks. It’s great that Galad will have a chance to potentially redeem them somewhat through the utility of their arms, if nothing else, but let’s face it, as an organisation they are completely covered in evil.

    One of the podcasters kept making the point that they occasionally showed a modicum of decency, and weren’t darkfriends, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t overwhelmingly tainted with amorality and outright evil. You don’t have to be for the shadow to be evil, as Mordeth and Shadar Logoth well demonstrate.

    Think about it. They have a whole separate division, the Hand of the Light, who are little more than glorified torturers, who are legally unaccountable to the core military institution below the Lord Captain, who is also forced by political necessity to treat them with kid gloves. Moreover, their rank and file is overwhelmingly filled with callow, prejudiced thugs who go around bullying and intimidating townsfolk, when they aren’t doing worse things like . They would try to kill innocent Aes Sedai on sight if they could get away with it. Even the supposed softer cuddly ones like Geofram Bornhald indulge their thug underling to routinely engage in torture.

    So really, I think all this talk of them wanting to do what is right, and just being a little misguided, is really excusing some completely abhorrent behaviour. The truth is much harsher – they are a mostly evil organisation who happens to have a standing army that might prove useful in the Last Battle from a tactical point of view. That Galad finds in their principles some kind of ethical code doesn’t mean they’re any better than they really are in practice. It would be like joining the KKK because you found a Klan document that wasn’t covered in racial prejudice. Galad’s ability to reform the organisation looks plausible now that he is LCC but that was far from assured when he joined.

  17. mike says:

    My thoughts as to why Galad was drawn to the Children was the initial sense of right and wrong he garnered from reading their history and original creedo. Remember that Galad will only do what he feels is right and just even if it is in the wrong for the common good. His view of the world is black and white for the time being. I think he has learned of the leadership of the Whitecloaks and we will see how that changed him in the future – he is the leader now, correct?

    If you look at the original Constitution of the USA and realize what is going on behind the curtain you soon realize the original plan has been averted which means our leaders have run astray. The USA is a far greater entity than the Whitecloaks but, in either case, individual agendas can make the vehicle jump tracks.

    As far as all of the Whitecloaks being darkfriends, I don’t think so. I think there are many overzealous individuals – much like our own soldiers or police officers – high on power and brainwashed to the point they wear blinders as a horse might. This takes away one’s peripheral viewpoint and forces one to look at one thing only – the objective have been trained for with no option of seeing anything other. The Children are conditioned to think black and white – right or wrong. This causes individuals to exhibit behavior not readily tolerable by the general public. That fact exists in our own world as does in WoT.
    We know there are darkfriends within the Whitecloaks but the fact some of the rank and file are overbearing due to their training does not make them all such. They are disciplined when not behaving harshly. I don’t like their Nazi attitude or presence but the alliance I anticipate between Rand and Galad – after Morgase surfaces with Perrin’s arrival on the scene – will either break the Children or shake their very beliefs. At least Galad’s.

    One can only hope.

  18. mike says:

    That and the complaints about Carrie’s voice and everyone’s vocal levels.

    I think everyone commenting had crazy theories to challenge those of Ben’s.
    Almost time to start TGH.

  19. hey guys… what tv show you like the most ? my favorite so far was OZ

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